Monday, November 21, 2011

The Truth About Puke

My house has been invaded but the flu bug.  The pukey, crappy flu.  Luckily the newest addition and I managed to not contract this illness, but the other two did.

The Truth About Puke:

No matter how much you hope, wish, and say "don't puke on the carpet," you child will undoubtedly puke on the carpet.

No matter how hard you try to "catch" puke, it is relatively impossible....infact, it'a a lose/lose situation.  Even if you win and manage to "catch" the puke, you are still in fact holding puke.

No matter how close you are to the toilet and/or puke pail, not all of it will end up in said catching device.  In fact, if carpet is anywhere near, the puke will end up there instead.

Do not trust your child when they claim they are feeling "a bit" better.  Keep them off the carpet.  Round 2 will start soon enough.

Puke is nasty.

I'm off for round 2 of disinfecting.


  1. Were you following me around on Sunday morning? Because that's when I learned that no matter how hard you try or how graceful you think you are, you got puke on the car. And no matter how adorable you are, your husband will make you clean it up.

  2. Oh, that is awful! I am so sorry. :( I hope things are better now. BTW, I tried to get that video to play on your recent post but it wouldn't work. Maybe it was because I am on my iPhone?