Monday, November 7, 2011

How To Know If Your Dog is a Christian....

I'm not picking on dogs.

I know that it seems like I am....especially once you read this post, but honestly, I love dogs (ok...83% of the time.)

Anyways, I have a cousin (yes. It's true, actually, I have several)

This cousin is a devoted Christian.  The other day he asks on Facebook,

"How do you know if your dog accepts Christ?"

I kindly wrote him back that "the only way to know for sure is this:..."

I don't think he appreciated it.

If your looking for me, I'll be in confession and most likely sentenced to 52 "Hail Mary's" and 48 "Our Father's"  for posting this...
by the way, my dog is still not impressed with me about the wig thing....still (he's such a grudge holder!)


  1. Wait, was that a serious question? What was the answer supposed to be? And how the hell did his expect you to NOT respond with something sarcastic and snarky? Seriously, have you guys met?

  2. I k-i-l-l-e-d myself laughing at this. Way to go. I may be telling this story to the lady in my house who is religious and once got me to go to a Christian music thing by telling me it was "Cuban music". I like her otherwise, but still. And I don't think she'll appreciate it either. LOL.