Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Real Howife of New Jersey's Sex Tape

Ok, So Danielle Staub is one of them ho's (and yes, I use that term loosely) on the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  And Yes, I do watch it from time to time, mainly when I am feeling the need for drama, and my life never seems to have any....(which is a good thing.)

You can read all about her...if you really want to. ( I don't recommend it, but hey, what do I know?)
Anyways, apparently someone (probably her) is releasing a sex here is the little trailer for it.... says that you should be 18, but there isn't anything raunchy on it FYI.

Is it wrong that all I can think is:
a) for Pete's sake....put on some lipchap....any ol' kind will do....seriously....
b) Who in interior design hell decorated that bedroom?!?....I don't know which is worse, the bedspread or the wall paper!

yeah....all the romance was lost on me, sorry...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Those Frickin' Mosquitoes

Everybody hates mosquitoes....seriously...I don't think that is an over exaggeration. 

So since Deet sucks...really its awful stuff...but it does keep the skeeters away...I decided I would look for a few alternative bug repellent recipes.

The first one that I found required dettol and baby oil  (which reminds me of a shirt that I had made for my baby once....'Stop the slaughter...boycott baby oil.'  Although some people thought it was there you go...further proof that idiots walk amongst us.)  I had absolutely no idea wtf dettol I chucked that recipe rather quick to move onto something that perhaps I could use.

The next recipe involved tee tree oil and peppermint oil.  Really?  They hate mint?  They probably hate fresh breath too! thing, you'll start telling me that they hate blood. 

Then I ran across this one....pure vanilla extract.... (yes...just the extract, I was hoping that perhaps it would say that I could eat enough vanilla cupcakes, that the stuff would ooze from my pores...but no such luck...)  Then I got to wondering, exactly who came up with this idea....perhaps its some sort of bug propaganda put out there by some half human half mosquito being...(don't laugh...apparently you don't watch enough movies.)  Maybe they truly love vanilla, but rarely get a chance to indulge so in order to get their fix they've tricked us crazy humans into wearing vanilla as some sort of repellent.  (Which reminds me of the time that I convinced my dad that my mother really wanted the new Madonna CD for her birthday....because secretly I wanted it.  ...and in the end, he bought the CD which I swiped and listened to non-stop... although it was definitely not Madonna's best in the end, I guess I was the loser.)  I too am apparently a slave to 'the man' and will test out this vanilla thing and let you know...If all else least I'll smell like a sugar cookie...and there are far worse things to smell like....hmmm...maybe I'll save those for another post.

Monday, June 28, 2010


This past weekend, we had a big family outing to the zoo.
Now the Calgary Zoo is one of the best zoo's in the world. Actually, they always say that, but when I googled to see what it ranked, it didn't say. It wasn't on Forbes, top 15 list, so obviously, it must be number 16, which is still pretty good, right?! Although, I'm sure that they lost a few points for the incident last year when some drunken fool decided they wanted some quality time with the Siberian Tiger, and ended up with a few less limbs than they had before their playdate with the wild.

photo: Todd Korol, Reuters

Yes, and for those of you who are saying its old news, you're right, that happened in October last year. Apparently they were drunk, which makes it all make sense. Because no person in their right mind would scale the enclosure to hang with the tigers close up, unless they were drunk.

This year fortunately, I didn't have to hike my ass the 15km around the Canadian portion of the zoo...(which quite honestly, if you live in rural Alberta is a waste...think, deer, elk, goats, etc.) Several years ago, they used to have a small restaurant that served beer and coolers and such at the very end of the Canadian trail. The first time we went, my husband insisted on hiking the gazillion miles over there, so he could see a beaver in know...since he had only ever seen beavers in the wild...ha ha....(his idea of a hilarious joke.) So we forged ahead and were rewarded with treats and booze at the end of the trip.

The next time, I was cranky, pregnant and in the midst of morning sickness, when he and my daughter insisted that we must go see a deer. Ha ha....quite seriously, if I wanted to see a deer, I could do so on any f*&%ing day of the week, they are that common. So it was two against one, knowing full well that he had simply talked the 2 year old into this excitement about a deer to get to the little cafe at the other end. Well, my sickly ass trekked all the way there....and guess what....they had closed the cafe! So this time, when my then 2 year old, now nearly 5 five year old started up about seeing a moose in captivity (also rather common around Alberta)....I had to be the grinch and tell her that there was no way that was going to happen. ....instead, I bribed her with the old.."You choose...go see the moose or go to Chuck E. Cheese" retrospect, perhaps I should've chose the moose....or...... brought extra hand sanitizer.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Lesson on Little Ones

I spent the majority of my day holding a baby. :)

Mmmm....babies are so sweet, and small, and almost makes me want to have another one. However, this is Angela Apple Bottom's first baby, so I thought I'd give her a few pointers....(once again, I'm helpful like that.)

People always say, "Babies do 3 things, eat, sleep, and poop."..... I'm going to let you in on a little secret, they also cry.....and that will happen:

a) when you've just went to sleep
b) in the middle of the night
c) as soon as you are on the phone (by the never stops...the phone ringing is like an imaginary switch that will cause every age of child to all of the sudden make a racket.)

Another common saying is "Sleeping like a baby"....just so you know, that means up every 2-4 hours crying, needing a new diaper, and fed...oh, then don't forget to burp him. I now use the saying "sleeping like a rock...."

But don't get me wrong, babies are wonderful little blessings....(don't worry, I'm not going to get all sappy on you....ok...maybe just a bit.)

It allowed me to catch up on absolutely every episode of Dawson's Creek in reruns. (It was on Monday to Friday at 5:00am....I actually started to loathe Saturdays and Sundays, because then what the hell was I going to watch. Seriously...Joey does not need Tom Cruise....she needs to go find Dawson, her true love.)

It also gives you a new appreciation for those snotty nosed kids. You know before you have a kid and you see someone out with their kids and they've got snotty noses...and you say to yourself "Frig...can't that woman see that she needs to wipe her child's nose....lazy ass!" Then one day, you'll be standing in the hardware store picking up paint to paint the next baby's room and you'll realize that your child is the one lookin' like a hobo.

There are another 1543 lessons to be learnt (probably a conservative estimate), but I'll let you learn a few for all the bells, whistles, and buttons involved in a car seat!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm Awesome....

Woohoo!!! I won an award! I'm a newbie, so this is a big deal. (Yes, obviously I'm a newbie, because it took me this long to figure out how to get the little award picture on my blog....and yes, I know how easy it is to do....because...well obviously I figured it out.)
So Mrs. Midnite awarded me this.....and technically, Scrappy, to them I say THANK YOU!!! (that is a 3 exclamation honour, which I don't bestow too often.) You should check out their blogs....they're AWESOME....(and now I have that new song stuck in my head....oh well...there are worse songs to be stuck in there.)
Then I have to sum up something about me/my blog/my philosophy/ in 5 words
hmmm...thats harder than it sounds....
go ahead pick one of these:
"Smarter than your average platypus"
"Laughter is better than cabbage"
"I am a fruit loop"
And finally....I must bestow this to 10 worthy bloggers....
make sure to check 'em out.

Thanks again!!!!

....I'm outta breath.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm Getting A New Pet

My entire life (up until the age of oh...25) I wanted a monkey for a pet. (ok...truthfully, there were a few years there when I really wanted a unicorn.)


I really, really, really wanted one. My husband however, did not have the same fondness for monkeys that I did. After In fact, he informed me that we could never have a pet monkey.

I thought that I had a few good key arguments, you know, monkeys are super smart, they can be absolutely hilarious, and besides, Ross on 'Friends' had a monkey (which was truthfully my key argument.) But it really didn't matter, he said that it wasn't even up for discussion, monkeys throw poop and are filthy. It turns out that he was right.

So, in my endeavour to find an equally cool pet, I've decided I'd like a baby wombat.


See, isn't it just the cutest thing.

But this time, before I tell my husband, I've decided I'll do a little research on it myself.

cute... check
cuddly looking....check


then I decided perhaps I should look up what they look like when they aren't so small...

Turns out...they get rather large....and somewhat cranky.

So as far as my new pet goes, I guess its back to the drawing board....

P.S. Ross' monkey was named Marcel....I know you were wondering.

Flashback: Super Mario

Remember back in the day, after the Atari was old news and the coolest kids had a Nintendo? That's right.... I was not one of those 'cool' kids, but my cousin was, so close enough. In fact he and his buddies even let me be in their Nintendo gaming group...even without having a Nintendo.

wow....makes it a little more obvious about how much of a nerd I was/am.

You know when your game froze up and you had to take the cartridge out and blow on it?(Shockingly, every kid managed to figure that out without chat rooms and facebook.... a mystery that will perhaps never be solved.) There was no saving your progress, you had to either get the codes to bypass to another level or find the warp zone or just pause it until after supper (or until the next day in college). There were cheats, but somebody had to figure them out and then you had to hope that they were your friend so they'd tell you.... that was until 'Nintendo Power' magazine came out.

Ahhhh....the good ol' days.

So here's a little tribute to the best video game ever.

Yes, it is pretty cool, but does it bother no one else that the player didn't even jump to the top of the flagpole (around the 0:50 mark) ? They just half-assed it and landed at the extra points for disappointing. :(

And no....I never did get a Nintendo, but a few years later my parents got me and my siblings a I'm pretty confident that I can kick your ass in Sonic.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Amazing Cover of Fireflies

This guy is awesome.

....I can't post funny stuff all the time.....

ok...well he is kind of funny looking.... no?!?!...that doesn't count....

oh well...enjoy it anyways.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vanity Plates....The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

Vanity Plates. I always thought the key to a good vanity plate required a bit of thought, but not too much, since those reading it may only have a few seconds to gather the intel.

This would be an example of a vanity plate that is bad...( unless your idea of cool is crossing the Red Sea on that does sound kind of cool):

Yep...they actually put a biblical verse on their car. And curiosity got the best of me and I figured out just what was in John Chapter 3, Verse 4. "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God." Although, I don't quite get why you'd want it, only other super-Christians would know what it meant, but perhaps that's the idea. that many people memorize biblical passages....on second thought, don't answer that.

This one....also NOT cool....unless perhaps you're a garbage man....then I can see the irony. are some good ones:

Who didn't love The Goonies?.....

(WHAT??? You didn't love the Goonies....its a classic!)

Isn't that awesome?!

Well...just goes to show you that the DMV/Registry Office is full of
a) geniuses - who thought that this would be hilarious.
b)idiots - who didn't catch just why someone in Virginia would want to put 'eat the' on their licence plate.

and this.....

don't get it?....

here's a little refresher for you:

What's means nothing to you? How can that be?!?!? Its classic 80's....I suggest you listen to it again.

There was a time when I wanted my number to be 867-5309 ( that isn't true...not even a little bit.) .....then again after watching this video they aren't quite the heartthrobs that I imagined.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Summer Activity That Is Only Cool In Movies

As I impatiently wait for the weather to warm up, I'm left daydreaming of hotter times.

Just a quick note for those of you who are experiencing summer-like conditions and may be tempted to try this. You can't always trust what you see in movies to be true.

For years, I longed to have a Jeep. You know, like a real Jeep, (not some fancy shmancy Jeep Cherokee thing-a-ma-jig...the real thing.) It always looked so cool in movies. In the summer time....girls in bikinis standing up in the Jeep as it sped down the highway. ..... You know exactly what I'm talking about. I think that Drew Barrymore did it in that 'Mad Love' movie back in the day with Chris O'Donnell (yeah...back when people thought he was hot.)

source now you have a visual. Looks pretty cool, doesn't it. Well, back in the day my good friend, Arabella Apple Juice had a Jeep. (Way nicer than that Jeep btw.) So we decide to go to the lake for the day and that we were going to stand up in the be cool...(and don't give me that did plenty'o'dumb things too...I'm sure.) Well let me tell you, 100kmh is not a good speed to stand up in any vehicle, let alone a Jeep.

a) its impossible to keep your eyes open. I had to quickly retreat to put my sunshades on.

b) at that speed its hard to stand up straight, you pretty much get blown backwards....I think I may have bruised my back on the roll bar.

c) I had several bugs hit me in the face.....needless to say, bugs at 100kmh have a little sting to 'em when they hit the skin. (You know that huge splat you hear on the windshield...yeah that was on my face.)

So, long story short....bad idea.

We had to slow right down....and who looks cool on a highway doing one.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Australia.....Things to Consider

So Butter Ripple Liquorlips is considering a change of pace. She's thinking that perhaps she should take some time to travel and perhaps work in Australia. I've decided to inform her of a few things she might not have thought about.


Sure, everyone knows about their beautiful beaches, the surfing, and the Uggs...(not everyone considers that a pro....but I do....yes go ahead and judge me by my poor choice in footwear...hey at least they aren't Crocs.) Also, for those of you who haven't visited my blog for a while and are unaware of my borderline unhealthy Silverchair fascination, they hail from down under as well. And don't forget, you can see Kangaroos and Koalas and a bunch of other animals that you will only see here in a zoo. Everyone knows all these great things about Australia, but here are some things you should consider:

1) They have spiders as big as your head....I heard that once and I choose to believe it.

2) Contrary to popular belief a Tasmanian Devil will not be outsmarted if you pretend to be a rabbit.

3) They 'dispose' reindeers...yep...Santa usually uses Reindeer...but not there...he uses kangaroos(hence the six white boomers song) what happened to the reindeer????? (yeah....just what I thought)

4) They always say....Bob's your Uncle....well really, If he's everyone's uncle, isn't that just a bit creepy.........?!?!?!?!

5) Whats with saying "Fair Dinkum" ???...I find it highly inappropriate to comment on the size of a gentleman's package. (Unless it means something which case...I'm perplexed.)

6)You must wear earplugs or the didgeridoo will hypnotize you and you will think Vegemite tastes good.

7)You should avoid anywhere that there may be crocodiles.....Crocodile Dundee is too old to save you.

8)You can never have children if you live there.....Dingos eat them.

9) I am starting to question their sanity....a GROWN Australian man got himself some vanity plates that say "BIEBER" know as in Justin Bieber....the 16 year old singer/boy every 13 year old is swooning over....and apparently this 34 year old also thinks he's pretty cool.

So there you have it....a few Australian tidbits that you may not have thought about...

by the way....I googled fair dinkum....not as sketchy as I thought.

They're Called 'Snapping' Turtles for a Reason

Yep....sometimes you should do a little more research before they start taping.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Depp - The Disasters

Apparently it was Johnny Depp's birthday the other day....(yes, since I'm mentioning it now, its just further proof on how out of the loop I am.) I know that some of you love him, but I think he's weird. Not like 'I eat bugs' weird, but more like 'I talk with 4 different accents in one conversation weird.'

Anyways, I don't think that I've ever been a big fan of his. I thought that it was just a little too far know the whole boy with scissors for hands thing. And then there was 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape'.....but lets be honest...I was too busy starring at Leonardo DiCaprio to even care about Johnny Depp...(quick side note, that was back when Leo was hot....and I do think that was the general consensus back then, so don't be giving me the side-eye about liking chunky guys.)

But truthfully, the movie where he completely lost me was the shiteous remake of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.' The original is quite easily in my top 5 favorite movies of all time (don't judge... I'm pretty sure that you probably like some ridiculously gay movie as well.) Anyways, he destroyed the remake. What in the name of pervy movie character hell did he think he was doing? Really, he turned an eccentric chocolatier (played by Gene Wilder) into a creepy pervy candy peddler. (And No....for all of you die hard Depp fanatics, I refuse to take that back.) And the haircut on Willy Wonka....what the eff was going on there?

I finally saw 'Alice in Wonderland' with basically the same general conclusion. The Mad Hatter is a bizarre character at best, but what was with all of the accents? (...yes, he had more than one) and the huge eyes? It looked like they superimposed Puss in Boots' eyes from Shrek.

Don't get me wrong....I mean, he was a good Jack Sparrow in 'The Pirates of the Carribean' and he was good in 'Blow' too. Its not that I don't enjoy the movies he's in, he just gives me the heebies. Especially if he's teamed up with Tim Burton, but I won't even get started on Tim Burton .....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer....Fashion Faux-pas Extravaganza

My uncle stopped over the other day and I was reminded of one of my biggest summer pet peeves....socks with sandals. So it got me to thinking (a dangerous past time, I know....and if you realize that I just scooped that line from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, you're cooler than I thought.)

Here are my top summer pet peeves....and ones that happen all too often.


....Seriously...either go the sock route or go the sandal route. This is not cool. (and yes, my husband does matter how often I tell him he looks like a fool, he just doesn't care). Really...think about it....its like wearing long johns under your swimsuit. The whole point of sandals is to let your feet why stick them in a sock?


a) your socks will just get dirty
b) you look like an idiot (hey someone has to tell you!)


Yes, I know that supposedly these are all the rage in Europe. Well, here in Canada it tends to get chilly...even when its hot out, it can turn to be chilly within ten minutes and according to the law of shrinkage that you guys claim, these awesome suits will do nothing for showing off the goods. So stick to some board will be to your advantage. That and did you ever notice that the guys wearing banana hammocks are never the ones that you want to?

(eww....and gold...I mean really...could he be any flashier?)


Take a toque, then cut the top off and shimmy it over your boobs....there you have a tube top. See how ridiculous that sounds....guess looks just as ridiculous. Plus...last I checked its not 1985....(yes, I know that some of you wish it was 1985...but sorry about your luck...Def Leppard will never top the charts again...although if you need a back up singer for "Pour some Sugar on Me," I'm your girl.)


I thought that this was sort of common knowledge, but apparently not. Plus, when this happens it isn't some cute little black strap that is showing. Its always some trashy pilled up dinge-y whitish bra strap showing. Either

a)don't wear a bra....(...only if you have tiny boobs and you can pull this off....otherwise, this could start a whole new round of pet peeves.)
b)wear a shirt with wider straps to cover the not-so sexy bra
c) buy a cute bra strappy- bra for the special occasions when you are planning on wearing a spaghetti strap outfit.

Nothing yells Gutter Sl*t like a trashy old bra showing under your spaghetti straps....hey, I'm just saying.

I know that these tips sound like common sense, but I'm sure that I've just helped thousands of people back from the brink of hideous summer attire....that is if thousands of you read it.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Lone Taco

I love weekends. Well, weekends when I actually have exciting things to do. This past weekend, I got to catch up with Butter Ripple Liquorlips and Viola En Vogue. I don't often see them, so it was a good time.

Now everyone in the world has a different sense of style (except for those poor sheep who only wear what 'the man' deems as cool....nevermind...thats me....only I'm like 3 years behind whats cool.) Anyways, Butter Ripple has her own sense of style far different from the rest of the world....or at least far different from me.....which isn't necessarily bad.

Viola and Butter Ripple both have a deep love for leggings. I however do not and keep hoping that leggings are on their way out...but so far, no such luck. I mean I always thought the rule was, 'if you wore the item when it was first trendy (80's), you can't wear it during the next trend cycle (now).' Apparently Butter Ripple and Viola don't adhere to this rule. But then again, I don't think that Butter Ripple adheres to any fashion rules.

I didn't say much when she wore the headband with the giant green feather, and I zipped my lips when she went with the hobo hat/toque do...(in the summer), but this is where I had to draw the line.
Just when I thought I could detest Butter Ripple's fashion sense anymore, I spied her wearing these hot items.

Just what the heck are they? you ask....they're tacos.... (although they could easily be debated as pitas or falafels....even though I'm not quite sure what the requirements of a falafel are.) But she made them and she claims that they're there you go.

Not just any ol' tacos though....these ones are earrings. ( that might be a little obvious from the picture above.)

and she lost one.
So if you happen to be in/around Calgary airport....keep your eyes open....
you may come across a lonely taco.

The Worst Song of the Year

I almost feel bad for posting this video....because its that awful.

Remember the Vengaboys.... think back to 1998 and that goofy 'We Like to Party' was catchy....(obviously because I still remember it....that and it was really the same line repeated over and over again.)

Now they have teamed up with Perez Hilton (you know that celebrity blogger that everyone loves to hate....the one who dresses like a four year old on a sugar rush.) Well they came out with this little gem....and it is beyond bad.

Go ahead watch a little clip....but be warned....a 10 second clip is more than enough to catch the gist of 'er.

Yep...that's right a Rocket to Uranus. I think that I would rather stay on Earth awaiting its imminent implosion than hop on that rocket.

So there you have it....worst song....ever.

Anyways....after you're done scratching out your eyeballs, I hope you have a nice day.

p.s. Did anyone else notice that those women look a little manly....or is it just me....perhaps they really are the venga'boys'

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why Can't........ apparently there is this new "why" trend....

So what you do is go to the google home page and type 'why'

in this case, I typed "why can't'

Here's what people are wondering....and I'll see if I can't try to help (because I'm helpful like that....seriously...don't give me that look....I am.)

1. Why can't I own a Canadian?

Well.........You can own a Canadian. I happen to own two....what you need to do is fornicate with another Canadian....and bingo bango....viola....a baby Canadian. are the new owner of a Canadian. That and technically if we keep going immigrant crazy letting every terrorist and fruitcake under the sun in, I'm thinking that a good way to make money would be to auction them off....but I can't see the Conservatives going for that.

2. Why can't dogs eat chocolate?

Good question. But contrary to popular belief, most of our chocolate nowadays, isn't really much chocolate. Infact, when Bing (yes, that is my dogs name....imaginative I know....Bingo with no "o") was a puppy he ate an entire box of Pot of Gold Chocolates, I was horrified and phoned the vet....they claimed that most of that kind of chocolate is actually wax (YUM! - by the way that is my sarcastic font.) So no harm done. - Just as a side note...Bing is an extraordinary dog and has been run over, eaten antifreeze, consumed rat poison and been tortured by various children. So yeah....don't feed your dog chocolate....just incase you aren't a cheap as me and don't carry Pot of Gold and you infact carry some 90% cocoa expensive stuff.

3. Why can't I get a boyfriend?

Really...people ask google this. Well there are various possibilities. Do you shower on a regular basis? Do you like Star Trek? Do you like Cool Ranch Doritos?

I haven't a clue....why?

4. Why can't I lose weight?

wow....perhaps this is related to the last question.
Seriously though.... I think this is a little personal. But if you are willing to be can lose weight. You can't rule out amputation though! I think that if you were to consult a doctor though, he wouldn't reccommend amputation as a viable option....but hey...what do doctors know?

5. Why can't we be friends?

Well this all depends on who you are.
For the most part the answer is sure...we can be friends....I only have a few rules.

1. You cannot lip off Silverchair....really ...Daniel Johns does not look like BoyGeorge....(and if you utter this again...I will be forced to take someone else as my wingman when they play a concert in this country again.)

2. You must like junk least sometimes. You make me feel unhealthy when I eat chips and you eat celery sticks....lets compromise...I will eat a celery stick and then we can eat a bag of chips. Sounds good to me

3. You can be a good dancer...thats ok...but don't be bustin' out your good moves when we're dancing...because it makes me look even worse.

yeah....thats about it.

See...I'm sure that I have helped many people with this little blurb.

You're Welcome. :) I told you I was helpful like that.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sometimes Its Good To Be The Last To Know

Ok....I'm officially out of the loop.

I'm always the last to know. When the local restaurateur left his family and decided to bat for the other team, I was the last to know. When the big oil spill happened, my father-in-law asked me about it and I had no clue. So it isn't surprising that when I checked out the top searched for things today on google, I had no idea what any of them were.(...ok...I knew one....the student loans was a little obvious.)

So here...we are going to do a little experiment and see just what it is that I don't know about....


1. Steven Hill....who????...great now I must google this...

fan-f'in-tastic...I figured out who he is and now I wish I didn't know. Let me sum it up for you....ALLEGED murderer and porn star. See what I mean..... I wish I didn't know.

2. van der sloot.....hmmm...might be exciting...sounds exotic....I will check it out and let you know....

seriously....yet another murderer....

this is getting depressing....yet I push on.

3. Stephany Flores Ramirez.....

ok...#2 apparently murdered #3..... good lord....does no one search for bunnies.

4. Bill Austin Kez Cancer ..... I don't like the sounds of this, but it can't be worse than the first 3.....right?

Apparently poor Bill passed away and was a radio host on KEZ....(wherever that is.)

5. Jordan Vandersloot - I'm not even searching it, because I'm pretty sure that is 2's first name....if I'm wrong, let me know.

(Actually don't let me know....unless he is raising baby kittens to donate to needy cat lovers and wears an eclectic garment the color of rainbows.)

6. Paramore photo leak - Well I know what Paramore is....a band....right? So I'm willing to bet its naked photos, otherwise why would everyone be all worked up about it....

yep....I swear I'm part psychic....Miss Cleo's here I come.(I doubt I could be worse than Miss Cleo...although a white chick in that get up can hardly be taken seriously....and now that I think about it, I don't take her seriously either.)

7. Debralee Lorenzana - I haven't a clue....surprise surprise.

woo hoo...finally something not related to death.... She was fired from Citibank for being too hot....I hear ya girl...happens to the best of us....or maybe it would if I ever had a job I could be fired from.(although once my dad fired me....long story...but it wasn't because I was too hot....he mumbled something about being lazy...but really, if he would have paid me beats the lazy right out of me.)

Obviously Citibank is for uglies...I can hear people closing their accounts right now.

8. Q'orianka Kilcher - too tricky to spell to be a porn lets see....hmmm

ha ha...she tied herself to the Whitehouse fence and subsequently got arrested....and you know why her name sounded familiar...she played Pocahontas in "The New World" know the one with Colin Farrell in it. ( you probably don't know...because lets be was boring...a lot of music and trying to teach her to speak.)

9. Student - actually the only self-explanatory one on there.

10. Natalee Holloway - this one ties in with #2, #3, and #5. :(

It's true, I am out of the loop....but I think I prefer it that way.

Does anybody look up fun trampolines, and rainbows, sunshine, crayons, and bunnies????

Apparently not.

From the Depths of Hell

Once in a while I see something that is so horrible I'm sure that it was created in the depths of hell. (Now when I say the depths of hell, I am reminded of Johnny Depp, you know that 'From Hell' movie he was in, which for some of you I imagine was great, but once I saw him in the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he lost me.....I mean really, he was too creepy to be a candy man.)

Anyways, back to reality. I hang out at the local Farmers Market every Tuesday(...and I say hang out, because I do more hanging out than I do selling my goods.) So, this past Tuesday was really no different than any other one, except that I had plenty of time to carouse the rest of the goodies there.
Then I discovered these..........popcorn shirts. I strongly dislike them (ok...truthfully, I hate them...but hate seems such a harsh word), maybe partially out of jealousy...since the lady who sells them, sells a ton. But quite seriously...they're ugly too.

I do not get the attraction to these shirts. They start off eensy teensy....small enough to fit a cabbage patch doll and then stretch out to virtually fit anyone! (yet flatter no one.) I swear women over 60 flock to this table to stock up on these shirts(and some who are much younger). (I would tell them how horrible they are, but hey they're 60 or older....that would be rude, because my parents always taught me to respect my elders....even if they're dead wrong....perhaps I should take out the dead part....some of them could be dead wrong.)

They key argument from ladies is that it makes your bust look bigger (which is how I know a man must've invented these)....well that is true....but guess what it does for that muffin top, extra roll, and odd baggage that you're carrying also makes that look bigger. I have seen very slim women try these on only to look ...not so slim....sort of like a soft needled and colored porcupine ....yeah not a good look. Either way, big or small, these shirts are not your friend....they suck any hotness you have right out.

No matter what I say, I know that slowly these little monstrosities are working their way into the senior citizens wardrobes everywhere.

Well perhaps from the depths of hell will be a regular feature....I think next week will be moon sand...which I think I hate more than popcorn shirts.