Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm Getting A New Pet

My entire life (up until the age of oh...25) I wanted a monkey for a pet. (ok...truthfully, there were a few years there when I really wanted a unicorn.)


I really, really, really wanted one. My husband however, did not have the same fondness for monkeys that I did. After In fact, he informed me that we could never have a pet monkey.

I thought that I had a few good key arguments, you know, monkeys are super smart, they can be absolutely hilarious, and besides, Ross on 'Friends' had a monkey (which was truthfully my key argument.) But it really didn't matter, he said that it wasn't even up for discussion, monkeys throw poop and are filthy. It turns out that he was right.

So, in my endeavour to find an equally cool pet, I've decided I'd like a baby wombat.


See, isn't it just the cutest thing.

But this time, before I tell my husband, I've decided I'll do a little research on it myself.

cute... check
cuddly looking....check


then I decided perhaps I should look up what they look like when they aren't so small...

Turns out...they get rather large....and somewhat cranky.

So as far as my new pet goes, I guess its back to the drawing board....

P.S. Ross' monkey was named Marcel....I know you were wondering.


  1. Yeah, I thought about a pet monkey too, then I saw Monkey Shines and I thought better.

    That wombat looked like it might smell bad too. I have a problem with smelly animals. That is why I love my Ella (cat), she doesn't stink at all.

  2. Ross on friends has one....I wish that friends could be used as valid arguments.
    HAHA wombats, like giant guine pigs, you could always get one of them. Or rats, pet rats are great, smart, can learn tricks and will ride around on your shoulder, plus you can put them in a plastic ball thing and they roll around the house

  3. Have you considered a puppy? I have two, can't recomend them enough.

    For random reasons I wanted a fox when I was younger????

    I know of someone in Scotland that has a wolf, he uses it for dog training. Apparently he can stop dogs from showing any interest in sheep with wolf therapy!

  4. Actually, I have a dog...and he's great, but for some reason I've always wanted some sort of exotic animal.