Monday, June 21, 2010

Flashback: Super Mario

Remember back in the day, after the Atari was old news and the coolest kids had a Nintendo? That's right.... I was not one of those 'cool' kids, but my cousin was, so close enough. In fact he and his buddies even let me be in their Nintendo gaming group...even without having a Nintendo.

wow....makes it a little more obvious about how much of a nerd I was/am.

You know when your game froze up and you had to take the cartridge out and blow on it?(Shockingly, every kid managed to figure that out without chat rooms and facebook.... a mystery that will perhaps never be solved.) There was no saving your progress, you had to either get the codes to bypass to another level or find the warp zone or just pause it until after supper (or until the next day in college). There were cheats, but somebody had to figure them out and then you had to hope that they were your friend so they'd tell you.... that was until 'Nintendo Power' magazine came out.

Ahhhh....the good ol' days.

So here's a little tribute to the best video game ever.

Yes, it is pretty cool, but does it bother no one else that the player didn't even jump to the top of the flagpole (around the 0:50 mark) ? They just half-assed it and landed at the extra points for disappointing. :(

And no....I never did get a Nintendo, but a few years later my parents got me and my siblings a I'm pretty confident that I can kick your ass in Sonic.


  1. I wasn't even one of the cool enough kids to get Atari. We had Intellivision.

    But, damn, I love me some Tron.

  2. The kid playing the violin maybe the coolest kid ever. That made me smile :)

  3. I just got a nintendo (I'm collecting the old gaming systems) and have been playing Mario all day! awsomeness! The cartridge blowing was such a fundamental learning curve, if technology dosent work start doing strange things to it : )

  4. You will never regret getting a my opinion, some of the best games ever are from that gaming system!!

  5. Oh this brought back memories!! I actually have an NES Emulator for a original playstation that has a mod chip in it. It has crap loads of games on it and it has the game genie built into the disk as well. You can still find the codes for the genie online. You know what I realized after playing that....they just made so many games bloody well impossible. You know the ones....where you can't get past the first level. (wow....I sound like a geek)

    Funny thing though, my GRANDMA had a Nintendo long before us kids did. We LOVED going to Gran's house to play Bubble Bobble with her till 2am. She rocks.