Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Those Frickin' Mosquitoes

Everybody hates mosquitoes....seriously...I don't think that is an over exaggeration. 

So since Deet sucks...really its awful stuff...but it does keep the skeeters away...I decided I would look for a few alternative bug repellent recipes.

The first one that I found required dettol and baby oil  (which reminds me of a shirt that I had made for my baby once....'Stop the slaughter...boycott baby oil.'  Although some people thought it was true...so there you go...further proof that idiots walk amongst us.)  I had absolutely no idea wtf dettol was...so I chucked that recipe rather quick to move onto something that perhaps I could use.

The next recipe involved tee tree oil and peppermint oil.  Really?  They hate mint?  They probably hate fresh breath too! ....next thing, you'll start telling me that they hate blood. 

Then I ran across this one....pure vanilla extract.... (yes...just the extract, I was hoping that perhaps it would say that I could eat enough vanilla cupcakes, that the stuff would ooze from my pores...but no such luck...)  Then I got to wondering, exactly who came up with this idea....perhaps its some sort of bug propaganda put out there by some half human half mosquito being...(don't laugh...apparently you don't watch enough movies.)  Maybe they truly love vanilla, but rarely get a chance to indulge so in order to get their fix they've tricked us crazy humans into wearing vanilla as some sort of repellent.  (Which reminds me of the time that I convinced my dad that my mother really wanted the new Madonna CD for her birthday....because secretly I wanted it.  ...and in the end, he bought the CD which I swiped and listened to non-stop... although it was definitely not Madonna's best work...so in the end, I guess I was the loser.)  I too am apparently a slave to 'the man' and will test out this vanilla thing and let you know...If all else fails...at least I'll smell like a sugar cookie...and there are far worse things to smell like....hmmm...maybe I'll save those for another post.


  1. Pure vanilla extract? That is a new one! Might be the reason bugs don't bother me after I leave the bakeshop.

  2. I use Avon Skin So Soft. Not that I BUY Avon, my evil mother-in-law sells the shit, so every year she gives us like a gallon of it before skeeter weather.

    Works like a freaking charm.

  3. I'll have to try the Avon stuff...there are a million women around here who sell that crap, I mean, stuff.