Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Summer Activity That Is Only Cool In Movies

As I impatiently wait for the weather to warm up, I'm left daydreaming of hotter times.

Just a quick note for those of you who are experiencing summer-like conditions and may be tempted to try this. You can't always trust what you see in movies to be true.

For years, I longed to have a Jeep. You know, like a real Jeep, (not some fancy shmancy Jeep Cherokee thing-a-ma-jig...the real thing.) It always looked so cool in movies. In the summer time....girls in bikinis standing up in the Jeep as it sped down the highway. ..... You know exactly what I'm talking about. I think that Drew Barrymore did it in that 'Mad Love' movie back in the day with Chris O'Donnell (yeah...back when people thought he was hot.)

source now you have a visual. Looks pretty cool, doesn't it. Well, back in the day my good friend, Arabella Apple Juice had a Jeep. (Way nicer than that Jeep btw.) So we decide to go to the lake for the day and that we were going to stand up in the be cool...(and don't give me that did plenty'o'dumb things too...I'm sure.) Well let me tell you, 100kmh is not a good speed to stand up in any vehicle, let alone a Jeep.

a) its impossible to keep your eyes open. I had to quickly retreat to put my sunshades on.

b) at that speed its hard to stand up straight, you pretty much get blown backwards....I think I may have bruised my back on the roll bar.

c) I had several bugs hit me in the face.....needless to say, bugs at 100kmh have a little sting to 'em when they hit the skin. (You know that huge splat you hear on the windshield...yeah that was on my face.)

So, long story short....bad idea.

We had to slow right down....and who looks cool on a highway doing one.


  1. Damn, you just spoiled the jeep thing for me. Oh, well.

    I was just commenting to the hubs about how I wanted a jeep just like you describes, not one of those newer pussier versions.

    One day.

  2. ahahah nice, I hadnt actually ever thought about standing up in a jeep before.