Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm Awesome....

Woohoo!!! I won an award! I'm a newbie, so this is a big deal. (Yes, obviously I'm a newbie, because it took me this long to figure out how to get the little award picture on my blog....and yes, I know how easy it is to do....because...well obviously I figured it out.)
So Mrs. Midnite awarded me this.....and technically, Scrappy, too....so to them I say THANK YOU!!! (that is a 3 exclamation honour, which I don't bestow too often.) You should check out their blogs....they're AWESOME....(and now I have that new song stuck in my head....oh well...there are worse songs to be stuck in there.)
Then I have to sum up something about me/my blog/my philosophy/ in 5 words
hmmm...thats harder than it sounds....
go ahead pick one of these:
"Smarter than your average platypus"
"Laughter is better than cabbage"
"I am a fruit loop"
And finally....I must bestow this to 10 worthy bloggers....
make sure to check 'em out.

Thanks again!!!!

....I'm outta breath.


  1. Oh, Miss Melicious, you so deserve it!

    And I LOVE your five word philosophies!! Especially the one about cabbage.


  2. ahahhaha "awsome" song and thanks......

  3. i have just discovered your blog and i think it is great. you are awesome! lol


  4. Congratulations Miss M. Keep up the good work!

    Did you copy the code for the picture or cut and paste in your images file? I also struggle with some of this technology stuff that should be easier to use.

  5. Well done, you deserve it.

    "I am a fruit loop"

    Who isn't?

  6. Thank you everyone!! #1Nana...I copied the code...finally!

  7. Smarter than your average platypus

    Smarter than the platypus' I've met, love your blog!

  8. well done you!! *high five*
    thanks for the shout out too :-)