Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why Can't........ apparently there is this new "why" trend....

So what you do is go to the google home page and type 'why'

in this case, I typed "why can't'

Here's what people are wondering....and I'll see if I can't try to help (because I'm helpful like that....seriously...don't give me that look....I am.)

1. Why can't I own a Canadian?

Well.........You can own a Canadian. I happen to own two....what you need to do is fornicate with another Canadian....and bingo bango....viola....a baby Canadian. are the new owner of a Canadian. That and technically if we keep going immigrant crazy letting every terrorist and fruitcake under the sun in, I'm thinking that a good way to make money would be to auction them off....but I can't see the Conservatives going for that.

2. Why can't dogs eat chocolate?

Good question. But contrary to popular belief, most of our chocolate nowadays, isn't really much chocolate. Infact, when Bing (yes, that is my dogs name....imaginative I know....Bingo with no "o") was a puppy he ate an entire box of Pot of Gold Chocolates, I was horrified and phoned the vet....they claimed that most of that kind of chocolate is actually wax (YUM! - by the way that is my sarcastic font.) So no harm done. - Just as a side note...Bing is an extraordinary dog and has been run over, eaten antifreeze, consumed rat poison and been tortured by various children. So yeah....don't feed your dog chocolate....just incase you aren't a cheap as me and don't carry Pot of Gold and you infact carry some 90% cocoa expensive stuff.

3. Why can't I get a boyfriend?

Really...people ask google this. Well there are various possibilities. Do you shower on a regular basis? Do you like Star Trek? Do you like Cool Ranch Doritos?

I haven't a clue....why?

4. Why can't I lose weight?

wow....perhaps this is related to the last question.
Seriously though.... I think this is a little personal. But if you are willing to be can lose weight. You can't rule out amputation though! I think that if you were to consult a doctor though, he wouldn't reccommend amputation as a viable option....but hey...what do doctors know?

5. Why can't we be friends?

Well this all depends on who you are.
For the most part the answer is sure...we can be friends....I only have a few rules.

1. You cannot lip off Silverchair....really ...Daniel Johns does not look like BoyGeorge....(and if you utter this again...I will be forced to take someone else as my wingman when they play a concert in this country again.)

2. You must like junk least sometimes. You make me feel unhealthy when I eat chips and you eat celery sticks....lets compromise...I will eat a celery stick and then we can eat a bag of chips. Sounds good to me

3. You can be a good dancer...thats ok...but don't be bustin' out your good moves when we're dancing...because it makes me look even worse.

yeah....thats about it.

See...I'm sure that I have helped many people with this little blurb.

You're Welcome. :) I told you I was helpful like that.


  1. I like that if you keep asking why to a question, eventually you'll always go back to, so why was the universe created?

  2. These are freaking hilarious!!

    My husband once told me he wanted to buy a midget butler. I stupidly aske dhim why and he told me so he always had someone to get him a beer.

    Imagine if it was a Canadian midget.....oh, the possibilities!

  3. Fornicate with a Canadian? Is that legal?

  4. Zeller's is having a sale on Canadian midgets, balloons included, beer extra.