Monday, June 7, 2010

The Worst Song of the Year

I almost feel bad for posting this video....because its that awful.

Remember the Vengaboys.... think back to 1998 and that goofy 'We Like to Party' was catchy....(obviously because I still remember it....that and it was really the same line repeated over and over again.)

Now they have teamed up with Perez Hilton (you know that celebrity blogger that everyone loves to hate....the one who dresses like a four year old on a sugar rush.) Well they came out with this little gem....and it is beyond bad.

Go ahead watch a little clip....but be warned....a 10 second clip is more than enough to catch the gist of 'er.

Yep...that's right a Rocket to Uranus. I think that I would rather stay on Earth awaiting its imminent implosion than hop on that rocket.

So there you have it....worst song....ever.

Anyways....after you're done scratching out your eyeballs, I hope you have a nice day.

p.s. Did anyone else notice that those women look a little manly....or is it just me....perhaps they really are the venga'boys'


  1. There's a lot of contenders for this award, I'm not sure this is the worst.

    It is shocking though

  2. so Hilton tosser wants to make sure everyone knows he's gay, yeah this has done it, oh and now everyone is very aware he is a homosexual as well.

  3. I am sorry, y'all.....I lost it with the chorus. I will be singing that one line "I'm on a rocket to Uranus" all day long.


  4. wow... I couldn't even watch the whole thing it was so bad.

    Like SJ said, there is no doubt as to the sexual preferences of Hilton now.

  5. Now this proves beyond all doubt that there is no God...