Monday, October 31, 2011

The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

Everyone knows that the term "sleeping like a baby" is completely bogus....unless of course they mean sleep for a few hours at a time and squawk in between because they are hungry/poopy/or perhaps bored.

So, I am lacking on sleep...but just a little...most days.

This lack of sleep has led me to bumble aimlessly about.  Doing things and saying things that I don't put much thought into.

I listen to music all of the time.  In the vehicle as me and the kidlets ramble around town it is usually on XM 20 on 20 channel.  They are usually full of upbeat songs that the kids like.  Music kids like = quiet kids.  So the other day I hear them singing this:

Really, they only sing the part at 1:50....Yes, I heard them say "Shake that Ass."   Great.  Proud parent moment right there.  So, I quickly had to remedy the situation....

"uh...what did you say?!"
"Shake that ass.."
"Oh...well, just so you know, that's not what they are's shake that HAT."

First crisis averted...and lesson to me to not listen to that crap channel. (also note to self: make the kids wear hats, so that they can shake them if the song is playing again.)

However, I don't learn lessons the first time apparently.  We were once again listening to the top 20 station and I was a little sleep deprived...

This song started playing that said "Drop that Booty"  (I know, I tried to find it, but you try youtubing booty drop, and drop that booty....see what you get... 'gay poppin' booty droppin' is not what I was looking for...although I must hand it to the gays...they have a very keen sense of rhythm...I do not.)

Anyways, some 'drop that booty' song comes on....I immediately correct it to BOOBY...(wtf was I if that made it better?!)  but the damage was done.  I was tired, the baby was hungry...booby seemed like the obvious lyric switch.

oh crap.

I had to think fast.

Thing 1 says...."they said to drop your booby?"

"Um...yeah, like booby must be a song about mouse trap. "

And then I switched it to the Disney channel.

I might as well get a damn minivan.


  1. O-M-G!!!!

    Can I stop a second to wipe the tears coming out of my eyes from laughter. Not because it's necessarily funny, but because it's just so... life...

    Sleep deprivation sucks and I am your first witness that it makes you do and say things one normally would not!

  2. AAAAHHAHAHAHA! I love the "shake that hat." Brilliant.

  3. I'm laughing out loud! I love your quick thinking changes to the lyrics. Ha! (I like that song, by the way. Like that beat!)