Saturday, December 18, 2010

Apparently it's China's Fault...?

It's that time of year...

No, Not Christmas time.  It's the time when everybody seems to get sick.  All those nasty little sicknesses seem to pop up in December.  

and why is that?  you ask.  

According to Skittles McSunshine, the Western World's illnesses are somehow linked to Asia trying to take over the world.  

Oh just wait....the theory gets better.

He blames all the sicknesses in the months of November to January on these:

How can a little Mandarin Orange spread illness you ask?

Well Skittles has a long elaborate theory starting off with the fact that the Chinese government gathers all of their sick people to sneeze into thousands of tiny green wrappers.  Then they take these wrappers and place the orange inside.   Somehow, through osmosis perhaps, they acquire the disease-y germs, so it doesn't matter if you throw out the wrappers or not.  

Does this sound insane to you?  Because Skittles isn't alone in this theory.  I've heard this theory from several people.  

I must say though, I haven't had any oranges this winter and I've still managed to get maybe his theory is a little off....or maybe it applies to bananas too....


  1. It certainly doesn't apply to bananas, Miss. No one wraps that noble fruit with anything.

  2. Interesting theory, I thought they spread because some girls insist on going out with wet hair and we all know this causes disease-y germs. To protect yourself from wet haired girls germ spreading you must wear a hat.