Thursday, December 30, 2010

I've Been Hornswabbled

That's right.....and for those of you who are unsure as to what precisely "hornswabbled" is, it's when you get tricked.

A few years back, somehow a package of Moon Sand made it's way into our home.  I thought that Moon Sand was going to be great, but 3 minutes after opening it, I realized that Moon Sand was indeed the work of the devil.

Laugh if you must, but I am not exaggerating.

I despise Moon Sand.  They claimed that it was the new play dough.  That it was going to replace play dough.  It crumbles, it gets everywhere, it is absolutely ridiculous.   I quickly banished Moon Sand from our home...never to think about it again.

Until....this past holiday season.

There was a new product called Moon Dough.  That's right.  It claimed that it was like play dough, only it wouldn't dry out.  "Never dries out, never dries out"  - yes I heard that chanting non-stop.  

So, I caved.  When Viola En Vogue said that she wanted to get the kidlets Moon Dough, I agreed.  I gave her the run down about not accidentally purchasing Moon Sand, since it's Persona non Grata around these parts.

It's official.  Sweden is out to destroy the world with Moon Dough (that's where it's made).  Moon Dough is not the distant cousin of the Devil's own Moon Sand.  Moon Dough was merely the Devil at work renaming Moon Sand so that more unsuspecting homes would allow this repulsive toy into their homes.  If Hitler had a favourite would be Moon Sand/Dough....that's how horrible this crap is.

That's right, they just renamed it.  (and I was stupid enough to fall for it....damn marketing)

On a more positive note.   If you invite my children to your child's birthday party.  I have four unopened packages of Moon Dough that are going to find a loving home.... (ok...most liking un-loving), but a home that is not mine, nonetheless.)


  1. Do you feel passionately about this stuff? haha
    Have a Happy New Year girl!

  2. I think i'm safe since I'm not scheduling any birthday parties here. Happy New Year!!

  3. 150 points for your use of the word 'hornswabbled'.

    Not gonna lie, I reeeaally wanted some Moon Dough for Christmas. That shit looks awesome! My husband didn't get me any, though, partially because I'm 24 years old, but mostly because he's a dick.

  4. I miss your posts! Come back Missy!

  5. haha hitlers favorie toy....
    check out this post on my blog...
    it about the time i 'hornswabbled' my friend :p