Wednesday, December 8, 2010



I'm in the midst of writers block.  I use that term loosely...since I'm not really a writer.  I could say blogger's block, but then everyone would be wondering if I went crazy googling symptoms for something again.

I'm not sure if it's the fact that I still have the majority of my Christmas shopping left, the fact that I have my Christmas present to myself right next to me, and it keeps distracting me (it's a new computer...but I haven't turned it on yet).  And I know what you're thinking....No, I couldn't leave it in the box.  It was cold when the delivery guy brought it, so it needed to get it out in the warm air so that it didn't permanently hurt it. And besides it's pretty to look at.  I thought that maybe it would motivate me to write genius-ly funny things....but it hasn't turned out that way yet.  Or maybe my lack of motivation has nothing to do with the computer...and really it's this hour old coffee that I'm slowly drinking...even though it's cold and I'm too lazy to go upstairs to get a new one.

I thought that maybe today would be the day when I'd get a million ideas at once.  But nope...I did have one idea...but then I forgot what it was.  I really need to get a notepad next to my bed, for when I'm dreaming and a brilliant topic comes to me.  So....I haven't abandoned you....I'll be back. 

great now that I've ended with that line I feel like the Terminator...

or my band teacher from school...he always wore this shirt:(well not this one exactly...but pretty close)
you can buy your own here.

and just so you know...I drank the entire cup of cold coffee while writing this....that's how unmotivated I am today.


  1. It's the Alberta deep freeze I tells ya!

    I don't have the motivation to do anything other than video games.

    The creativity juices are null and void.

  2. I can only think of snow but bored writing snow posts. I guess when it is all around and in the news it is hard to escape!

  3. I’m always forgetting genius ideas too. Maybe that’s what being a genius is all about?
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  4. Hey! You made me laugh out loud and you said you had nothing to write about. I LOVE "I'll Be Bach". Still laughing about it... On another note, thanks for saying my "Nice, Nice Gravy" will become a cult classic. I wish! It was fun to write it!

  5. I call it the Bloggers Gag.

    sad cold coffee can sometimes be rather comforting.

  6. CKrets - I think you're right...time for a vacation somewhere warm

    Mrs. Midnite - sounds like you need a vacation to a warm climate can come with me...and we'll drink mimosa's and pina coladas...and stare a pool boys (well only if they're pool men)

    TBFKA - yes...agreed...we're both genius'

    Kelley - It will be a cult classic...I still have it in my head!

    Alpha - the bloggers gag hey? ...hmmm I'll have to think about that one.

  7. ohh I feel you...I just posted a tidbit in my blog quite similar...I have been creatively challenged, too. The cold weather, busy schedule, holidays, etc....I am drained. Good luck finding inspiration!