Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Merry Christmas!  I know that it is a bit early.
Chances are that I'll be too busy to spend much time on here though, because I will be busy frantically getting ready for the holidays.

I'm usually on the ball....(really, I'm not kidding), but this year has escaped me.

Between getting sick, and being busy, and getting sick...again...and again, I haven't accomplished my usual tasks.  (Seriously, Elementary School is like a little cesspool of disease I tell you.)  I have yet to plan my feasts for the looming Festivities...and I'm not done shopping.

If you are like me and have left things to the last minute...here are a few never fail gifts that you can pick up anywhere....like say a gas station.

1) Air fresheners....everyone needs one in their vehicle.   Just don't pick the pine scented ones....because that's nasty.  I've always wondered who the hell wants their vehicle to smell like a forest, then I set foot in my husband's lilac scented truck and decided I'd quit judging people for their air freshener picks.  (Seriously lilac....Are you Driving Miss Daisy around?!)

2) Lotto Tickets - People love these.  But, Myself, I'm always a bit leery on buying them for other people.   If I'm not going to see them scratch them, then fine.  But what if they win $1 million.... on the ticket that I bought for them.  You could always sign your name on the back...but that wouldn't really be keeping with the Christmas Spirit thing would it?

3) Candy......Who doesn't like Candy?  But you have to buy quite a bit .... or it'll be noticeable that you're cheap.  ...Although, If you do a really good wrapping job people tend to get distracted.

(note to self....rewrap pretty much every gift under the tree. :(  )

4) A Magazine - OK, so you've ran out of time.  Pick up a magazine.  Wrap it.  (wrap it nice...see #3 again, if you've forgotten why.)  Tear out the subscription card...and actually pay and send it away (this, you might have to do after Christmas).  Then you give them the one mag... and tell them that you've got them a subscription for it.  (See...this is a good idea.)

5) Maps....OK....never mind.  Getting someone a gas station map is a bad idea.

Well, I've given you a few ideas...right?...and if they hate it, don't be afraid to use the whole..."it's the thought that counts" line.

I'll be back around in the New Year.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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  1. I could have done with reading this about five hours ago but now I've finished my Christmas shopping and I didn't buy ANY of these things. What a Christmas flop I've been :(