Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's Not You, It's Me


It's true.
I've been avoiding you.

Really, all of you.  I can't seem to think of anything even remotely amusing to write about, so I've been avoiding my blog.  Well that isn't going to get me anywhere, so I've decided, I'll just bore you with my daily activities.  You know, the ones I've been doing while avoiding all of you.

a)I've cleaned out my fridge.  I hate doing this....almost as much as I hate my other household chores.  But its clean....I've still been avoiding the freezer however....Hmmm I see a pattern developing here.

b) I decided I'd become a vegan.  But when I realized they didn't eat cheese, I said "screw it."  I thought maybe a vegetarian seemed a little more lax, but then I remembered about the half a cow that my husband ordered that's sitting in my deep freeze, so burgers it was.  That and being a Vegetarian Albertan is the biggest oxymoron ever.  (Yes, I can see you all snickering about the half a cow in my deep freeze, a) its way cheaper than buying beef at the store...and yes its already portioned into steaks and ground beef and such and b) nobody was more disgusted than me when I came across a parcel labelled "tongue"....WTF  I refuse to taste anything that can taste me back.) 

c) I started to work on the Picaboo book for my parents....they went on vacation and took 3420 pictures.  No I am not exaggerating.  Its nearly crashed my computer twice and Picaboo keeps sending me messages that say "Picaboo works best with 300 pictures or less."  Well Picaboo...that's your problem... You can phone my parents, they are obviously camera happy.  In fact, wouldn't you make more money Picaboo, if I had to make a 284 page book to fit all their pictures in?

d) I've been busy Granny-sitting.  My husband's Grandma broke her hip, so she's staying with my in-laws for a bit.  I was the designated granny-sitter the other day, so I spent the whole day with her.  It was actually pretty good.  Especially when she said "I'm surprised he can do that many things at know, he fried his brain pretty good with all those drugs."   83 year old woman saying this....priceless.

e) I've been busy hanging out at the playground.  This is what moms do.  No, its not exciting, but you do get to see who doesn't even bother to shower and change out of their pajama's when they take their kids to school....yeah...not that exciting.

f) I've been planning my Halloween costume....I can't decide between Geisha, Poison Ivy, Yip Yip Aliens from Sesame street, or 50's housewife.  And no, I'm not one of those females who turns every possible outfit into trashy skank outfit either.

So...there you go.

That has been my week while trying to beat this writer's block.

What's your vote for the Halloween costume?


  1. Poison Ivy gets my vote!

    It wasn't that boring. I've got bloggers block too, its the early mornings, sooo tired.

  2. The yip yip aliens for sure!! Until you mentioned them, I had totally forgetten about them!!

    And cheers to sharing your life....I love to read about other people's everyday lives. That is just the people watcher in me. I too am working up on of those posts right now, but I feel like poop right now because I have a fucking cold.

    Asshat germs.

  3. What you consider boring daily activities some people would mistake as excitement as dull as it sometimes gets 'round here. Enjoyed the post. (I'm fairly new to this blog type stuff.)

  4. I was a vegan for six months.

    I lost a lot of weight very quickly.

    Then I had to get gallbladder surgery.

    That's when I said "screw it."

    For other fascinating reflections, visit: