Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Physical Education for Fatties

OK...so the title is a wee bit misleading.

Back in the day...(which is one of my favorite phrases, although my husband insists it should only be used by people over the age of eighty....since I use it to mean anywhere between 2 to 27 years ago.)...anyways, back in the day, Phys. Ed teachers were fit.  I mean they had to teach us whippersnappers (also a word that should be used by seniors) phys. ed, somewhere between 6 to 8 times a day. 
Those teachers had to run the track, go cross country skiing, play dodge ball, and teach us how to run wind sprints (oh the joy!) nearly every period of the day.  They were fit...or at least I thought they were.   I didn't have no fattie teaching me phys. ed EVER.  I mean, truthfully I hated phys. ed....but lets face it, runts are not cut out for physical activity...and I was runt-ish....but in a cute way....except when my mother insisted that I get that perm. : (

So the other day I was sitting on the bench at the school (no, I'm not a creeper, I was waiting for my child to get out of school!), when I see the phys. ed teacher hollering at the older kids on which way they should run.  Then I saw the teacher.... chunky, I mean probably only slightly above average-ly chunky....but chunky nonetheless.  They definitely hadn't seen their share of physical activity .... well at least not in the last decade.

Now, don't be saying I'm a hater.  I'm fine with every size of person.  I don't care how big or small you are....unless we are in a picture together...if you're a small biotch...you better not be standing next to me....I hate that.  But shouldn't the phys. Ed teacher be the image of fitness?!  Would you go to a personal trainer that had a spare tire (that's for those of you that love to sweat, myself, I have a self proclaimed allergy to it....remember.).  No,you wouldn't....or at least if you did, you'd expect a discount.

So...whats your verdict....fit teachers for phys.ed or fatties?


  1. phys ed teachers shoul be fit! how can that expect you to do the work out if they can't do it themselves?!

  2. I'm right there with you.

    Last year I went to a Chrio in Ft. McMurray. He had this MASSIVE Belly and smelled of smoke.
    I remember thinking..don't squish me. Ilovemyspineintact.

    When any health practitioner is that badly out of shape, I am not impressed and will not return. Practice what you preach kinda thing.

  3. Fatties only if they want to spin it so that they say "This will be you in 20 years time".

    Otherwise fitties all the way!

  4. They work out at the Gym - Jim Dandy that is...

    Mr Monkey

  5. I am with you on this too. I would have no respect for a fat phys ed teacher.

    Following you from Networked blogs and also on google. Would love it if you could return the favor. Terry

  6. i agree with you on that - the head of sport at my school sadly looks like she ate the other sport teachers, so it's hard to take her seriously

  7. At school I avoided P.E like it were a plague inflicted rapist, and apparently so did our teacher. He was getting on for about 15 stone and whilst the fit students were playing football he would just sit with us and talk about how much he hated sport. Go figure.

  8. PE only lasted till the beginning of Grade 8 due to my bad knees that like to dislocate.

    This was a good thing. I tutored handicapped & learning disabled kids instead.

    I was a chubby kid with a heart.

  9. I agree, our PE teacher was a ex hockey player and stupidly fit, I hated her at the time but now that I have to pay for exercise classes I wish I had made more of the free motivation.

    The school nearest us had a huge fat PE teacher, she couldn't run for a bus let alone run cross country. Never made sense to me.