Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's In A Name?


You know the whole "A rose by any other name, would smell as sweet..."  line.  Well I suppose that's true.  I mean a rose would still smell like a rose if you called it a stinkweed.  But nobody would want to pick it.

Take Viola En Vogue, I like her.  She's a nice times a bit high maintenance and sometimes irrational, but overall....she's pretty cool.  One of her little quirks is names.  No, not her own.  She dates men based upon names.  I mean its not an exclusive rating system or anything (not yet anyways!).  She had started to date this guy, Doug.  That was his death knell....I mean sounds pretty normal.  However, this caused Viola to think of Doug...the cartoon from the 90's. 
Then she tried in vain to get Doug to go by DJ....but that was a alas, she had to part ways with uber hot Doug. 

But it got me to thinking....sometimes there are bizarre names or horrendous names....(not Doug mind you).
When naming our children, my husband and I decided to give one a middle name of his grandmother.  I asked her if she would prefer if we used her first name or her middle name for our daughter's middle name.  She said use my first name, my middle name is awful.  I didn't think it could be that bad, but it was....and it was Mildred.  So we decided to opt for her first name.

oh...and I imagine that some of you are wondering what the hell is up with my name...Melicious. When I was a child the school principal called me Melicious.  He still does to this day.  I used to hate the name. It drove me crazy...I always thought that he meant that I was mean and nasty (which is only 60% true...and mainly between the hours of 3pm and 4am....and that ups to 85% if I've consumed more than 5 rye and pepsi's).  Anyways, one day another woman overheard him refer to me as Melicious and she said, "Thats such a cute nickname....its like Delicious....only with an M for your name....get it..."  ....I had never even considered it....and although the first definition may be more accurate....It has grown on me.

I want to hear it!....You must have some horrible name stories!

And I can't get this song out of my head....They're for those of you who are sick of Nickelback...give it a listen....and no, they're nothing like Nickelback...go play.

you know you want to.


  1. I work with a girl who won't date a guy either based on his name. Always thought that was a little strange myself. (Of course she's "spiritually" married to some dude she met on the internet according to her. And no, they've never actually met in person. It'll probably end up as a blog post some day at my place.)

  2. I have a friend who won't date a guy unless his name starts with L because of a stupid game we used to play when we were little, one that told you you're future, and hers, of course told her she'll marry a guy with a name that starts with L

  3. I always thought Melicous was like Delicious, Malicious never came to my mind!

  4. That's a lot better than Nickleback.

  5. Mother Mother...I know the gal Jasmine. Her family is close to mine. I haven't been able to catch one of their shows because I'm always up North Working.

    Oh and I went to school with a gal name Clatilda..but that's not how we pronounced it.

  6. Shallow of me but I went on a date with a guy, he was nice, we had a lot in common and under normal circumstances I would have gone out with him again to find out more. But his name was Cyril and I just couldn't get my head around seeing someone with that name. Sorry Cyril, it really wasn't you, it was me.

  7. Hmmm...there's alot more people out there with this name quirk than I thought.

    p.s Midnite...Cyril...I don't blame you. It reminds me of Cyril Sneer!