Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What Is The World Coming To?

I get it....really, I do.  I was 12 once too...and back then there was no Justin Beiber.

That's right, he just flat out didn't exist. (Not technically, we're talking in the 'omigod he's the cutest 12 year old boy with a girly hair-do' kind of way). 

Some girl in godknowswhere has decided she's over her Justin Beiber obsession. you can check it out if you want. But thats the gist of 'er....she rips down a Beiber poster.

Then all the crazies come out of the you'll see here in 3.....2.....1.....

Feel free to fast forward to the 0:35 mark, so you can catch the whole wine bottle in the face thing.  Whaaaat....I don't think she's old enough to be throwin' wine bottles!?!?

We didn't have Justin Beiber we had....Jonathan Taylor Thomas

That's right, also, the Internet was a rather new thing, so I couldn't post myself ripping down his poster....which truthfully I never had. Although I did have a New Kids on The Block backpack, which my mother made me use the next year in school even though they weren't cool anymore. (A punishment far worse than "cork and all" wine bottles...well unless you are over 18, then being cool at school doesn't necessarily hold the same importance.)

Just a quick sidenote, I think this girl is going to be in my nightmares tonight.

It is this exact crap that makes me want to rewind the clock to when you could have a Popeye's fake cigarette candy and nobody thought twice about it....yeah...back in 1987 (give or take 5 years).  You know what would've happened then...someone would've called up ol' "cork and all's"  mom and told her that she should keep an eye on her kid.  Then "cork and all" would've apologized for this tomfoolery...(also a word I've been waiting to use...that's right....enough of this tomfoolery...back to work!)

p.s.  For all you crazy Beiber Stalkers...I do not know him or own any posters. sorry.
and I'm totally using "cork and all" as my new nickname for those crazy biotches that I run across.

p.p.s  I've purposely misspelled Beiber's name to drive everyone crazy!



    I had to stop that video. So much wrongness and I love how she tries to use grown up words.

    PS: Had no clue you misspelled his name..but nice one. You rebel you.

  2. I miss me some fake candy cigarettes.
    The great thing about being older is that none of the ridiculous highly embarrassing things I did were saved and broadcast around the world.
    Oh the internet, a lifetime of shame.

  3. is that the boy from home improvement sit com and the voice of Simba in disney's lion king!?!?!?

    forgot whats his name. if he is! GODDAMN HE'S MY ULTIMATE CRUSH.. hihi

  4. i would totally be the next Justin Bieber if I weren't so fat and hairy. That's why you should read my blog:

  5. Yeah, I must be totally out of the loop because a) I had NO idea this douche little kid Justin was sucha hot item and b) I had no idea you mispelled his name!! Fucking win!

    In my day the hot commodities were Kirk Cameron (who is some religious fanatic right now) and the two Coreys. But I guess now they aren't the TWO Coreys....just one ridiculous Corey and one dead Corey.

  6. Hahaha. The world is made up of two kinds of people: the Bieber obsessed and the Bieber obsessed. The only difference is that the first one loves him, and the other couldn't wait to be rid of him.

  7. Haha I just don't get the whole Justin Beiber thing, he looks like a lesbian! He's got nothing on JTT! lol :)

  8. I'm actually scared. That girl is frightening, I don't want to watch her videos on you tube either. Should I make a video saying I don't want to see her. I would say: "How can you afford to waste your teen anger on a total stranger just cos she took her own poster down. Are there not teachers, parents, bullies in your real life to focus your hate on."

    And how much does she swear, does she think that is how to sound drown up?

    Amber, me and you would have had to share out the Corey's, there could have been a serious bitch fight if we'd both wanted the same one. It seems we had similar taste, probably not so much now.

  9. wait... you misspelled his name? rofl I didn't notice.

    I had a huge crush on JTT when I was young.

  10. Ckrets....I know, I'm a total rebel. I didn't even shower until 11:30 today.

    Laura - I know, I'm so glad there was no Youtube back when I did stupid shit...wait a second I still do, but I make sure nobody videos it.

    Hotcakes - you bet it is!

    Insectman - well, good luck with that. Some girls dig that...or so I've heard.

    Amber - what?!? Kirk Cameron is a religious zealot! boo!

    Fickle Cattle - you mean three kinds. and the kind that has never heard of him.

    bec - so true

    Mrs. Midnite - yes, she's rather frightening for a 12 year old.

    Nicole - who didn't!