Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pickled Egg Fiasco

I know I've been a little sporadic on the posts as of late, but I promise, once summer (yeah, I use that term loosely to describe the 3 months of rain and gloom that we've had) ends, I'll post more regularly.

Anyways, we went on a little road trip out to Viking, yes, that is an actual town and no, its not nearly as cool of a place as it sounds.  So this is what we did to occupy our time...and yes I also use the term "we" loosely because never ...even hammered out of mind...would I do this.

He walked away with $190 a kool-aid juice box, half and apple juice and a pair of safety glasses....Yeah...I wouldn't do that for double that...but hey, I'm not really into living dangerously a la pickled egg juice...but what do I know, I'm a square.

Would you do that for money....?!?


  1. What HAVEN'T I done for that stack o' cash...

  2. Now that I'm older...I don't know what I'd isn't that important some of the time.