Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Few Alternatives for FML

You know when you are having one of those days, you know, the ones where you'd like to put FML (F*#@ my life) as your facebook status.  But of course, you don't, because only f*&%in idiots put that as their facebook statuses.

I really don't like the whole FML thing....yes, I'm sure that some of you have pretty shitty lives sometimes, but really...FML?!

I've decided there are a few better acronyms, you know, ones that wouldn't irritate me as much as FML.

TIR - Today is Retarded
WOD - Waste of a Day
(Generic...but superior to FML)

IAE - Idiots are Everywhere (really, that about sums up everyday that I'm pissed off...them freakin' idiots...- Although quick sidenote...I once knew this girl named Pam who said that everytime that she ran into someone who was thoroughly irritating her with their stupidity, she reminded herself, that there would always be someone around to pump her gas...try it, it can add a surprising amount of joy to an otherwise annoying situation.)

GDW - God Damned Wal-Mart (Also another reason I am frequently the F#@* do you run out of booster seats....I mean really...I doubt that they flew off the shelves that fast...I swear if it wasn't for Ted the greeter {best greeter ever!} I'd seldom visit.)

HFH- Hangover from Hell - Also a rather popular reason for people to be down about their lives. (I'm hoping that this will be the case Saturday morning)

IDS- I'm a Dirty Slut - (well not me!!  But quite frequently that's why some girl has added FML to her facebook....well if you weren't such a tramp, your boyfriend wouldn't have dumped you....just tell us the truth...with a simple, yet effective IDS)

And as for me, well I don't think anyone could decipher the
(Shitty day due to my dog nearly eating my aunt's cat)

Whats your new acronym....and what does it mean?


  1. Hey there,

    I love this post. However, I'm probably a real loser to ask this but what is FML? :)

    Anyway, a new follower from 20SB...hoping you'll drop by for a visit sometime.

    The Things We Find Inside

  2. Great acronyms. And yeah, sometimes it really is a FML day!

  3. FMIRA. Fuck me, it's raining again.

  4. haha cool alternative for the FML thingy...i kinda like IAE :))

  5. hahahahaha this reminds me the way my college friends and i talk. its just too much initials. something like ... lftsy looking forward to see you. its just so hard to understand i couldnt keep up!

  6. what about IMHWUOTWSOTB- I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed.. long, but accurate for those days where nothing goes right

    Or SM- shitty mood

    Or DTM- don't talk to me, as in DTM in a SM cuz IMHWUOTWSOTB

  7. OMG LMFAO (I was hoping to write this entire comment in acroymns, but I super

    Anyways, this is too good, I'm posting it to Facebook. IAE is my new favorite. Or maybe GDW...seriously.

  8. IAE Love it.

    ODFGWTF - My last post Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow.

    Or MLIC - My life is comedy - especially right now, we are in Edinburgh Festival month where IAE so MLIS pretty much describes the city.

  9. must live under a rock...don't worry so do I, my sister usually fills me in on this stuff.

    Sadako - thanks

    Fizee - I can get on board with that acronym

    Carmel - so true IAE

    Hotcakes - I think there should really be a 3 letter rule to that...Back in University whenever I was pissy about something, my cousin would say TFB (too fuckin' bad).

    Denise - I love it! only I'd never remember what it meant

    Miss Puppy love- Thanks!

    Mrs. Midnite- haha! and Thanks!

  10. I'm so glad someone else feels that way! I hate that phrase completely. I'd really like people to put into perspective what they're really saying FML for...

    I've always wanted to say, "If that's the worst thing going on in your life, consider yourself lucky!"

  11. Candy Apple BottomAugust 16, 2010 at 2:19 PM

    You forgot about FYA...haha

  12. ha ha! I did forget FYA Fuck you all