Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Slippery Nipple

So, this bar tab from Iron Maiden in Norway has made its rounds on the Internet...

And there is quite a bit of uproar over this whole slippery nipple thing...

well quite honestly, I'm not even sure what the hell a slippery nipple is...and since I'm assuming that its a drink due to this being a bar tab I've ruled out these:
(since apparently this is Sarah Burge the world record holder for plastic surgeries...not to judge, but I would've thought that the £539,500 she spent on plastic surgeries would've bought some perkier boobs, but hey...just saying....and btw I'm betting that plastic boobs have the propensity to be slippery...hence a slippery nipple?!?  OK...never mind.)

But alas, I had to look it up (yes, I know, I've been waiting to say alas for a century or two...just wait until I pull out huffenpuff...I'm just waiting for a good excuse to use it.)

Apparently a slippery nipple (at the bar) is a shooter with Bailey's Irish Cream and Sambuca...well you had me until Sambuca.  In fact just to prove to you all how devoted I am to my blog, I was going to make one, but I am out of Bailey's.  Although for some bizarre reason I have plenty of Sambuca....?!  Which trust me, is bizarre.  I have some Kahlua, but it just won't be the same. 

I'm not sure which thought is more bizarre:
Who the hell named that shooter the slippery nipple?
Iron Maiden is still popular in Norway?!

P.S.  To those of you who guessed on Monday's post....its supposedly a picture of my husband putting on his sunglasses Kudos to Pennyclad for being at least half right!


  1. LOL. I don't know what a slippery nipple is... am even afraid to Google it. =\

  2. I had a bar bill from Singapore that at the bottom, in big letters read "1 Slut $75" That took a bit of explaining.

  3. Wooo! half right is more right than I usually am, I'll take it!

  4. It is a fun game to give cocktails dodgy names! I've had a slippery nipple, it was horrible.

    We have an Iron Maiden fan at work who uses his holidays to go to all their shows, sad but true! He looks like a viking

  5. Fizzee! Thats too funny...and yes...I imagine it did require some explaining.

    Yay! Pennyclad! Good work!

    Mrs. Midnite - sad but true indeed!