Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthday Predictions


Its my birthday....its true...and since it falls on a Monday, its slightly less exciting. (just year I think its a Wednesday....I guess I'll have to have my holding 29 the weekend before..that way I'm technically still 29).... That, and because I have kidlets.  As all parents know, once you have to change shitty diapers on your birthday, they are never quite the same again.

I happen to share my birthday with several famous folks: (Actually there's alot more...but these ones were the most interesting)

1957 - Melanie Griffith, actress (Working Girl, Milk Money, Now & Then)
1963 - Whitney Houston, Newark NJ, singer (One Moment in Time, Bodyguard)
1964 - Brett Hull, Belleville Ont, NHL right wing (St Louis Blues, USA)
1968 - Gillian Anderson, Chicago IL, actress (X-Files)
1968 - Eric Bana, Australian actor
1974 - Tremayne Allen, tight end (Chicago Bears)

So if I happen to turn out anything like these the time I'm 50, I'll be a crack-addicted, alien searching, Australian hockey player with giant lips and a tight end.  Oh well as long as I have a tight end it can't be that bad...right?

Never mind, apparently its a football term....well scratch that plan, the rest of it doesn't sound so hot.

I had a longer post planned...but that damn scanner is acting up again...that's what you get when you make it get along with a fax machine and printer too...I swear scanners are the biggest anti-social bitch of the technological world.


  1. It's my birthday too! In... less than a minute!

  2. (imagine me singing to the tune of "Very Merry UNbirthday from Alice in Wonderland)
    A very merry birthday to you.
    A very merry birthday to you.
    Now blow the candles out my dear and make your wish come true....
    A very merry birthday, a very merry birthday, a very merry birthday to YOU!!!

    No seriously, I am wrapped up with freaking gause and ace bandages trying to recover from being raped by a jelly fish, but I got up and did a little jig just for you.


  3. Happy Birthday Miss M.

    Scanners all work for the devil. Fact.

  4. Happy Birthday, enjoy your tight end...

  5. Thanks everyone!'ve got to watch those feisty jellyfish!...Thanks for the jig.