Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Don't Bother With Another CD

I'd like to say that I have an eclectic taste in music.

Really, I like a lot of different kinds of music....and I happen to still like and listen to most of the crap I listened to in the 90's(Don't judge).  My iPod holds practically a zillion songs and today I put it on itunes DJ and just let it play whatever. 

Thats when I was reminded of this little gem....that I apparently liked enough to download (keep in mind that there wasn't itunes in '95, so obviously I downloaded this crap in the last 4 years or so....although for personal embarrasment sakes, I'm going to blame a decide which one.)

All I can say is ......

go play.

(ok...that was probably the best part of this post....go ahead, you know you want to press it again.)

Yeah...and if you think thats bad, apparently he has decided to release a new album sometime next year

and I'll hop aboard the crazy train and quote him....

"... I'm making a brand new record that will drop early next year. It is right there with the first Justin Timberlake's first CD. I haven't done an album since 1997, but it sold six million copies and fans have always asked me for more. And I would not have waited this long and gone down this path again if I didn't think we had something." source  (yeah, I doesn't quite make sense with the whole 'first Justin Timberlake's first CD' thing...maybe, like many a child star he found his way to the bad stuff..or maybe the Yahoo's at Yahoo misprinted it...ok...its probably the latter of the two.)

I'm going to help him out....and say...don't bother.  Those 6 million copies were sold to completely idiotic tweens/teens...and now we're all a bit older.  We totally reserve the whole going crazy over 80's/90's stars for New Kids on The Block.

I hope I'll have to eat my words...because I mean .... he was a total heart throb in the 90's....and if he wasn't such an idiot on 'Blossom', I would've had a super crush on him.  I mean he's no Jonathan Brandis or 90's Leonardo Dicaprio (you know, back when he was hot.)...and really he'll never even hold a flame to several of the NKOTB....but hey...I'm not stuck in the 90's. 

Wait a second...I've got to go...I accidently put my hypercolor shirt in the dryer.


  1. You really like ellipses, huh?

    I have to agree with you though. Joey Lawrence should stay confined to a time when spinning around on roller skates was the awesomest thing to feature in a music video.

    Poor kid.


  2. yeah...I have a small addiction to ellipses!

    it must've been the thing to do...I can think of several videos from then with rollerskating (a la Mariah Carey)

  3. Ah, I remember Blossom.

    Things that make you go whoa would make an awesome autotuned youtube video though...

  4. Recently discovered a Now thats what I call music 32 tape from 1996, featuring gangstas paradise and I want to see the sunshine after the rain. Ahh nostalgia.

  5. Um, I'm guessing it's your brother Larry?

  6. Sadako - I hope that someone is currently making that auto tuned video....seriously.

    Clare - who was born in the 80's doesn't love gangsta's paradise? really...I'd like to know.

    Carrot Jello - Damn how did you know? Just kidding....sadly I have no brother named Larry...although Larry sounds like perfect scapegoat for my questionable activities!