Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What's Wrong With The World Today

And no, its not Justin Beiber.

I like senior citizens.  In fact, my husband jokingly says I'm like the senior whisperer.  I genuinely like 96% of our senior population.  For starters, they have interesting stories.  None of this "omg, I'm gonna hit you with the cork and all" bologna that goes on nowadays (see the post below for the back story on that crap.)  

Anyway, Seniors also have a different look on everything.

Whilst talking to an old lady today, she informed me of what is wrong with the world today....

wait for it.....

Big purses.

That's right.

The creation of big purses.  And here was her reasoning:

a) They are easier to grab.  Those Hoodlums steal purses and when you have a little one, you can keep it close to your body.  With a big one, you are just asking to get robbed, plus people know that you keep more things in it.  (OK, that's not completely ridiculous, but really, I don't think a big purse is easier to steal, but what do I know, I don't exactly lurk about stealing purses.)

b) Big Purses are really just a creation by the kleptomaniacs of the world.  "Who needs a purse that big?  I'll tell you who.... people who steal.  You know they get like three ladies and they huddle around and then they steal everything in the store with a big purse like that!"

c) Some correlation between large purses and a spike in crime rate....Truthfully, this lady falls into the 4% of seniors who gets slightly on my nerves.  She wouldn't leave me alone about this purse issue. Luckily/Thankfully her husband (who falls into the 96%) saw her and gathered her up.

So what crazy old people theories have you run across?


  1. My grandad holds a personal vendetta against the Nazis despite the fact he was born after WWII...

  2. My grandmother's boyfriend (which in itself is just weird) refuses to get cable because he insists the government is monitoring all of us through our televisions. He won't get a new TV because he said if they cannot put the "eye" in your cable box (for those who have sattelite), then they get around it by putting it in these new "fancy" TVs.


    He is a bigger freak than me.

  3. ahahahaha thats hilarious! sounds like one of those oldies who has a theory about everything haha :)

  4. One I love. My gran decided that weight is directly related to caloies therefore her ight cake was OK, chocolate (heavy) wasn't. So crisps, cakes are good! Carrots seem bad by this logic.

    Belief that the annual flu jab is a ploy to kill off the old and sick was an interesting theory I heard from an oldie on a bus. Got off early!