Monday, July 19, 2010

Despicable Dog Names

Ok...So, technically I'm borrowing part of this post from the last...but it was so long, I doubt you read that far down anyways.  And I know that I added pictures...but it was a lot of freaking writing, so I don't blame you.

So, the other day, while getting my paint for the upstairs (which was supposed to be blue grey...and looks slightly lilac...eew) at Home Hardware, we stumbled over to the pet section.  This inevitably led my 4 year old to throw a tantrum.

(Quick sidenote for those of you without kids...tantrums are most easily dealt with by not dealing with them.  You must not indulge the child with "when you're older..."  "If you save your money..."  or "maybe"....unless you actually mean those things....I don't want another dog....the answer is NO...end of  And no, I'm not a heartless beeyotch...we already have a dog!)

4yo:I want a Chihuahua

ME: No

4yo: I want a Chihuaha....NOW. (Little balled fists and stamping feet.)

Me: No, Veruca Salt* get in the truck

4yo: Thats not my name...and I still don't have a Chihuahua

Me: I noticed.

(*If you don't know who Veruca Salt is, you must watch this, it'll give you a nice visual of the fit about the Chihuahua...except there was no singing...or oompa loompa's)

So after we get home, she informs me that she had already planned it all out for this little Chihuahua.  His name was going to be ..... DAVE.

DAVE...really!? Dave is just not a Chihuahua name. 

You have to name a chihuahua like Pepito or Taco or SkippyJon Jones...or Senor Amigos....or something remotely Mexican sounding....don't you think?

Its like naming a Rottweiler  Fluffy or Princess or a little poodle Thor or just shouldn't do it.

Do your pet names fit....or are you a Dave the Chihuahua type of person?


  1. Not sure if I chose a bad name or not, I have a Staffy called Chi.

  2. I think there is something really funny about a Chihuahua named Dave. Maybe your kid has a precocious sense of irony.

  3. just found your blog, good stuff. And Dave is an excellent name for a chihuahua.

  4. Fizzee..Chi isn't bad...I like it.

    Aubrey and Asia...really, you guys like Dave? Yeah...maybe I might like it more if I didn't have 3 Uncles and a nephew named Dave!

  5. haha not sure if I would name a chihuahua Dave, it's different though. I have a part chi/ part shihtzu named Butch.