Wednesday, July 21, 2010

He's Crazy....Surprise, Surprise.

I thought that perhaps this whole Mel Gibson thing was going to die down, but apparently not anytime soon.  Although I'm sure that Tiger Woods is happy that Mel decided to act like an ass.  (Although Tiger's Blasian comment will be burned into my memory forever!)  Some of you are surprised at good ol' Mel's behaviour...but not I...I saw it coming a mile away.

I've decided to compile a few past photos of Mel, for those of you who didn't see this coming.

Really....the man wore a skirt, painted his face, and did a lot of screaming....sounds a little crazy to me.
Or Mad Max.  You didn't see that he had a little crazy in him then?

Quite honestly...the Lethal Weapon movies are full of his crazy ass...(Although this one's a dead giveaway.)

And he did direct both Apocalypto and the Passion...

but the number one photo that I've been searching for and can't find is the one of him in What Women Want.  You know the one where he puts on the pantyhose.  Never trust a man who claims he's straight who wears pantyhose.

I couldn't find one of I've decided to give you a bit of a visual with this gentleman in a pair of "Mantyhose".  Apparently, once again, I am behind the times and this whole mantyhose trend started in the late 90's (like hell it did...where the frig was that?  Antarctica...because never in my life have I heard of this trend.)

However, as crazy as Mel may seem, I'm pretty sure that hell hath no fury like a f*^%ing crazy Russian gold digger scorned.  So there you go, lesson learned...although she may be good in bed, obviously she's a bit crazy in the head. (sounds like a good mantra to me...maybe more men should subscribe to it.)

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  1. I love the crusty pants listed on that website.

    And yeah, he's totally batshit crazy but I also think she should get fuck all. Selling all those tapes so we get bombarded with how whacked he is. EVERY DAY.

    He's a Douche.we get it.