Friday, July 2, 2010

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

You are now entering the Twilight Zone...

So, last night I was at my parents for supper....when my dad says...."So, that Lady Gaga...that's quite the video she has for that Alejandro song, hey?"

Whaaaaaaaaaattt?  This is 10 shades of wrong.  Why in the hell would my dad want to watch that?!?
So, I ask.
(yeah, I know I found the ugliest picture that I possibly could of her....a little Marilyn Manson-ish...non?)
It turns out that at 6:00 am, the news was boring, so he flipped channels until he saw something more interesting.

OK....I can live with that...

Just when I start to regain my composure...he says

"What?  Does Katy Perry do duets with everybody now?  She did one with Snoop and then that big guy too."  (yeah you read correctly...SNOOP...its so wrong to hear your father refer to Snoop Doggy Dog as they're homies or something....and he doing keeping track of Katy Perry's duet partners?)

At least he said that Lady Gaga wasn't very good, so I know that he's still sane. 


  1. LOL! He had you going there for a bit huh!

  2. Isn't that Riff Raff, from the scene where he and Magenta reveal themselves as the new commanders?

  3. LOL, my Dad would worry me if he even knew who they were!