Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Maybe It's Tuberculosis?

Ugh....I'm sick.

Now this happens to pretty much everyone in the course of a year, but truthfully I usually take Cold Fx at the first sign of any cold and banish it to the depths of hell before it even begins. 

I tried that this time, but it didn't work.

Instead, I ended up with this nasty cough, a sore throat, chills and a fever and an achy body. Yes, these are the common symptoms for the seasonal flu, however, I wouldn't be very diligent if i just left it at that, would I?

So first I thought, I probably have Tuberculosis....bizarre...but true.  A doctor once told me he thought I could have tuberculosis when I was pregnant with baby #1.  Before that point in time, I thought it was basically a non-existent disease, since the only place I had ever even heard about it was on Road to Avonlea.   I didn't have it, however, from that moment on, my mind always goes back to tuberculosis whenever I don't feel well.

Once my kind husband talked me out of having tuberculosis....next up was Meningitis.  However, my neck was only kind of sore...and my fever came down with Tylenol.  And my husband reminded me that a) I've already had it and b) I had the vaccine for it too.

Then my bones were achy...super achy. Logically, I figured that I had probably contracted Dengue Fever...but I haven't been to the tropics as of late, so I even ruled that one out myself.

So, then naturally I figured, it was probably Strep Throat.  You know...because I talked to Olivetta Oppenbeam at the park and her kid had it a week ago.  Process of Elimination....Strep throat.

Only you aren't supposed to have a nasty cough with it.

Turns out it was the flu.  Not the pukey flu...that's technically not a true "flu" ... if you don't believe me I'll give you the number to the health nurse around these here parts and you can get the same lecture they give me every year.

And for those of you wondering why the hell didn't I just go to the doctor.  Well, that isn't quite how it works here.  I could go to the Emergency Room...which I hate doing...unless it's an actual emergency...then I'd have to wait in there for a few hours before the doctor would see me.  Then with my luck I'd end up with one of the doctors that is a super genius (because truthfully, I only like 2 of them...out of the 5..and I never end up with those 2).  I'd wait all that time for him to tell me that ...'Yes, you are sick.  It could be a cold, it could be tuberculosis, it could be pneumonia (ooo...I forgot about that one), or it could be the flu.  You should go home and get plenty of rest and fluids, and come back if it gets worse or continues to bother you.'  (because of course, I'm here because it's NOT bothering me!)

Besides, I'm sure my husband finds it much more exciting to hear about what bizarre illnesses I've contracted.

So, what bizarre disease do you end up getting?   and don't act like you are one of those level headed people...they never read my blog.


  1. I think, for a change of pace, you may want to fret about catching Lou Gehrig's disease. While rare, it is satisfyingly scary to contemplate. ;)

  2. haha I can totally related to this, but had to conclude after a while it's just this time of the year to get the flue :-)

  3. I actually have the nasty habit of getting the yucky things

    Like strep throat several times in a year. For realz.

    Norwalk Virus (ended up in the hospital for that one).

    And the good ol' swine flu.

    But I understand the drama at times...DON'T start googling your symptoms!! You'll think you have some weird ass, death inflicting, traumatic illness.

  4. JPT - thanks...but I think I'll avoid Lou Gehrig's.

    Freya - yes...flu season sucks

    Ckrets - wow...shitty deal. And that is exactly my problem...google, damn you for being overly informative, that mixed with an overactive imagination is a recipe for disaster!

  5. I just keep filling my bag up with tablets from the local chemist. They pointed out one day, “You’re a hypochondriac,” to which, I informed them, “Hypochondriacs get ill as well, you know!”
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  6. I'm always thinking I'm sicker than I actually am. Always giving myself outlandish illnesses

  7. TBFNA - (That's quite the acronym) I'm going to have to use that line!

    Janeen - don't worry...it happens to the best of us.

  8. I tend to think I have Ebola when somethings up.

  9. This may be late, but I hope you are feeling better. I think I may have been the one to infect you.

    And for that, I am sorry.