Thursday, October 14, 2010

Urban Dictionary: From Spectacular to Scary

Urban Dicitonary

Onee in a while I have to venture on over to Urban dictionary, because I have no clue what something is...(this morning I had to go because I couldn't figure out that srsli was really seriously...where are vowels when you need them?)  Which got me to thinking that there are an awful lot of words over there some awesome....and the shocking majority rather disturbing.

The 5 words that I'm glad they've added:

1. Skankopotamus - a super slutty girl (and my favorite word of all time)

2.Mgock -English word meaning; rude but very true. To be slightly disrespectful, though not lying. (this will come in handy...I know it will)

3.Glomp - To hug with enthusiasm. To pretty much tackle someone in greeting.

4.Verbal Handcuffs - When someone won't stop talking (usually about a subject you have no interest in). The talker has verbally forced you to stand there there and listen, even though you have given many clues that you have checked out.

5. Dirttle - 1, a dirty turtle 2, a creepy, dirty man that you don't want coming up to talk to you at a bar (a dirty turtle?  I can't even speak to the levels of awesomeness on that one)

5 words I can do without...and come to think of it, wish I never knew...

1. srup - Canadian ghetto slang for "what's up." Derives from a portmanteau of "sup" and "syrup," as Canada is well known for being a major manufacturer of maple syrup.

(yeah, I'm Canadian...I've never heard of anyone saying this, least of all to be derived from the word syrup...maybe I'm not ghetto enough)
2. srrimage - shaving a dislexic harry crishna's balls so close to his scrot that he cnt sit down
( I am both confused and a little scared as to why this word was made up)

3. Dirtpipe milkshake - ew... double ew...go look it up...I can't even write it out here.

4. Scottish Napsack - A scottish Napsack is where, you place the male testicles on a persons eye sockets while they are sleeping, one testicle in each eye.
(who the hell comes up with this crap?!  and btw there are an awful lot of nasty Scottish things on Urban dicitonary...makes me never want to go to Scotland....creepy.)

5. I will never think of French Onion Soup the same way again.


What is your favorite Urban Dictionary word?  least fave?


  1. Awesome! I hadn't looked at the Urban Dictionary in ages. So glad you got me to look at it again. So far my favorites are Tongue Typo (I do that a lot) and Masturdate.

  2. My favourite UD word is trusticles

    PS, I live in Scotland, It's not too bad.

  3. When I was in college, one of our favorite thing to do at parties (besides watch the Pirate porn) was find a work on UD and have everyone else guess what it meant. Sometimes I think we were more fucked up than the actual definition!

  4. I love how my name is used in the example for French Onion Soup. I love French Onion Soup.

    Ok, I don't really. The description really confuses me.

  5. I live in Scotland and you should visit, there are lots of nice bits!

  6. I think you can come up with a new word that would describe how funny all of those made-up words are.

  7. Even though I just knew what that milkshake was I had to click that link. On the bright side my diet will be a great success today, no more appetite.

  8. I'm on the mailing list and get the word of the day.

    Yeah yeah, I know I'm a dork.