Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kemo Treats: Review

Last week, Viola en Vogue...my ever helpful friend, told me to give this new group a little listen.

She guaranteed me that it would be laugh your ass off funny.  Their name is  Kemo Treats. (yeah, its a little bizarre I know.)

So, I decided to take a little look around the Internet to see what all they had out there...when I came across this review for them.
(Don't bother listening to all of it...or really even much of it...this guy is a really annoying douche bag...10 seconds will do you.)

So this guy hates on Kemo Treats, which in my mind is enough to like them.

Kemo Treats is made up of two guys, Smoovie and The Wiz and is "Edmonton's Premiere Gangsta Rappers."  Their words, not mine.  Anyways....they definitely rap...but I don't know about Gangsta rap, (although, they probably live in Crapilano, so that could classify as gangsta., I suppose) more like rap comedy.  Whatever, I like it.  It's funny.

I had to go over to their site to actually check out their music. (wtf...you guys need to put up some full songs somewhere!)  They definitely have to get a music video...at least for Ice Cream Man.  That's right, they have a whole rap song about the ice cream man....and it rocks.  To go with it, they also have a song about pinky swears and straight camping.

Yep...this is them (I wonder where he got them pants...he's on fire!..yeah...I know that was lame...)

Truthfully, the beats and such remind me of ICP's The Great Milenko album...only with funnier lyrics. (And no, don't bother asking why a small town white girl was listening to ICP....it was a phase...lets just leave it at that.) When I finally found video of  "Smoovie and The Wiz" .... well, then, you get the idea that these two are celiac's and allergic to the sun...and perhaps bonded when they were 12 over those dungeons and dragons trading cards....but I don't care, they're funny.

I'm off to go invent my own rap...I  only have two lines so far, but it'll save me loads of time at the bar....that way  I won't have to holler this shit from atop a chair anymore.

"Hear you had Chlamydia,
 I think he should get rid a ya...."

It's going to be classic, I can just tell.

p.s. - since they are so speedy they've let me know that they have a myspace page.
(seriously...myspace still exists!)...and you can check out full songs there...much better.


  1. Yo Missy!

    Hit up the myspace page girl!


    We have lots of full tracks there.. fire us an email and maybe I'll give you some for free :) We also on iTunes, eMusic, CD Baby.. fo reelz!


    Much respect,


  2. Well if they have hateful reviews they're probably doing something right. ;)

  3. Oh I so have to listen.
    Can't right now because I'm at work. Not that work interferes but the older fella who's in this office wouldn't appreciate it.

    The only thing I get to listen to is the Eagle XL103(oldies). Well I NEED music going when I work so it's a comprimise.

    Some days I'm starved for something new or at least something from the 90's.

  4. They are GOWLD! I pinky swear it.