Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Never Say No To A Panda

I've kindly stolen this post from Joey over at Black Book Project .  (With permission of course...what kind of person do you think I am?!)
Yes, I'm still a little sick...but mostly this post is awesome....


I’ve hated panda bears ever since I read this article. There are teams of scientists, because zoo keepers generally have degrees in biology or veterinary medicine, some of them are even doctors, trying to get pandas to eat and fuck. Seriously. Do you know what happens when I put in a request to have a team of scientists work around the clock to ensure all I need to do is eat fattier foods and make the sweet love to all the sexiest females of my species?

Well, let me tell you Harvard, your laughter is hurtful and inappropriate.

Pandas do nothing all day long.

But imagine if they didn’t. Imagine if they had jobs. Say with, I don’t know, cheese companies? That would be awesome….

or see it here.


Thanks Joey!