Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Don't Look Now!

A road trip with Butter Ripple Liquorlips is truly like no other.
She always says the most ridiculous things.

Enjoying our rather scenic drive to the city and listening to each others music...finally after about an hour and a half of her tunes, I get to play one.  Butter Ripple says
"Do you know what this song needs...?'
"No, I don't" I reply
"It needs finger cymbals" says Butter Ripple
"What?!  Did you just say finger cymbals...Who even owns finger cymbals?!...that's ridiculous!"
"Well, I would own finger cymbals...if you bought them for me for my birthday."
"Yeah...I'll get all over that."

So it wasn't exactly out of the ordinary when she said
"Don't look now, but we are being followed by a pack of cats."

I quickly glance in the rear view cats.  Then I do a full shoulder cats.
'What?!  I don't see any freaking cats."

"Really?!  You can't see them, they're practically stalking us!"

I look again...but this is all I see

"All I see is a bunch of power lines!"

"Exactly!!!  Don't you think they look like cats kinda?"

Well, I suppose that they kind of do....



    I LOVE IT!


  2. They kinda do look like cats. :D cute:)

  3. Love it! I wish we had interesting cat pylons!

    Thanks for your comment on my ghosties, I need to know more about the half man / half goat. Part 2 of my halloween posts are on their way!

  4. That picture follows up from your triple awesome post :)

  5. I love that you added the tail. Makes it a million times more cat-like.

  6. Great blog! I love it! I also love the little pic of the kitty at the end of this post :) so cute.

    Im following and I'll certainly be reading more :)