Thursday, October 28, 2010

What a CATastrophe!

I'm not sure why I end up with so many cat posts.  I'm more of a dog person myself....or a salamander person...but I'll save that for another post.

I try to have coffee with Arabella Apple Juice on a regular basis.  Due to this nasty cold/flu/cholera that I'm experiencing, it's been a while. 

A month ago or so she asked me to keep an eye out for anyone who may like an adult cat.  They had two cats and thought that they should ship the one off, because truthfully, it's really in it's own little world...and well there are other reasons, but if I listed them, you'd know who I was talking about...(that's right all you gossippy girls of town!)

So, I kept on the look out for anyone who might want a cat.  Although truthfully, I didn't look that hard, because I thought it was maybe just a phase and that Arabella might want to keep the cat after all.

A few weeks later, I returned for coffee.

"Did you find someone to take the cat?"  I ask casually while thing 1 and thing 2 play about 6 ft from us.


"Shhh...what?  why are we shhh-ing?" 

"He's gone....and the kids don't know." Arabella whispers

"What do you mean, the kids don't know?  How do they not notice a cat that's been here since before they were born has gone missing?"

"Yeah, I told you...the cat just does what he wants, he's never around anyways.  He'll be way happier with this other person.  They really wanted an older cat." 

"So...what's your plan?"  I logically inquire.

"Yeah...I don't think they'll notice.  But I've got a plan for this family supper on the weekend.  If someone asks about a cat....I'm going to say....CATaracts...yeah, I think she got them know, or something along those lines.  So I have to think up different CAT words, just in case someone mentions the cat."

" could tell the kids?"

"Let's think up CAT words..."

And so we did.
That is why Arabella is great.  Because how many people would devote 45 minutes to thinking up CAT words instead of saying "hey, we gave that annoying cat away."

So...let's hear 'em....CAT words?


  1. Catastrophe is the first thing that comes to mind here. Not sure it should be used in a sentence around the kiddies though. ;)

  2. Catatonic or caterpillar are the first ones to bounce into my tiny brain

  3. Hilarious by the way...

  4. Are you looking for a cat-chy Cat-chphrase that may be cat Cat-egoric?
    You know we all can't just Cat-er to your cat-erwauling posts. It ain't just a cat-walk you know.

    Ok..ok I'll stop.

  5. JPT - I already used Catastrophe!!! Where's your sense of adventure!
    Fizzee - Caterpillar....brilliant!
    Janeen - Oooo...we never thought of that one!
    TBFNA - I could use a little Wild World.
    CKrets - haha! Your humour is if only you could CATapult me to fame!

  6. catwalks categorically catalogued ;-)

  7. Ignore all those comments and just watch this :)

    Although to be fair, you don't need to watch the first two minutes, but afterwards it's worth it!

  8. Cat-trastope.

    Why you may ask?

    Because it has taken this long for me to get back on the blogger ball.

    Oh, yeah.....hi!

    Love ya girl!!

  9. Well, I just sold my 1976 Cat-illac to a guy living up in the Catskills. (Lies, but it's okay to lie to children. They don't count.)

  10. Freya - excellent suggestions!

    Tom - hahaha! That was awesome. CATARACTS!

    Amber - good to see you over here!

    MonsteRawr - 1976 Cat-illac...priceless!

  11. LOL thats funny. Is that the kitty in the pic? Oh my! If so, dang it you could've shipped me that little guy! Hes gorgeous! I mean absolutely beautiful! :) Cant think of cat words right now. :( great post!

  12. kendra- no that isn't the cat in the pis...he was way cuter!

    Alpha - hmmm ... it might not be CATty enough!

  13. Can't think of a single cat word......duh!
    But I loved the blog