Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Moustache's Decoded

As some of you may know, it's Movember.
Basically, during Movember, men grow their facial hair to raise money. Really, it's a genius idea, far better than the 30 hour famine...I mean did you actually know anyone who truly didn't eat for 30 hours?!  (and besides they let you have juice...I understand the whole theory, just that it's incredibly flawed to expect a 12 year old to do those things....although truth be told, I never did it, my mom wouldn't let me :(

Anyways, back to moustaches.  Since I am so damn helpful, I thought I'd throw a few possibilities out there for you guys participating...or just if you feel like letting it grow.

First off, there's the classic Tom Selleck....really it's best worn by Tom Selleck or men over 50, but go ahead, be daring....

Really?!  This barely even counts as facial hair....what are you 12?  Grow something a little more substantial...if only for Movember!
Next up we've got the porn star.  Apparently that's the name of it...who knew?
Myself, I'm not partial to this one...
It's a little too "look at me"..yet not fully committed...
(See, I told you I'd save his odd moustache for another rant)

But, if you really want the ladies to take notice (believe me, they'll notice you all right!),
the Snidely is for you.

The Snidely?
Oh....yes, have you not heard of the Snidely?

Well, Snidely Whiplash...the most famous villain....(OK...the most famous villain on Rocky and Bullwinkle, although Natasha gave him a run for his money on evilness.)
Here it is...the piece de resistance....(you must read that in a hoighty toighty french accent...or it just doesn't sound right!)
What?!  You don't think that The Snidely is "look at me" enough for you...

well, there is always this:
Yes, I know that I've completely neglected the hutterite, the mutton chops, the mountain man, the goatee, the soul patch and several others...we'll see...maybe next week!

So...what's your fave? 


  1. Yay, I'm the proud possessor of a pornstar.

    That's made my day actually. Well it had, right up to the point you said you didn't like them. :(

  2. That last one is absolutely spectacular. Even I would notice that! And of course his choice of clothes compliment his style so much :)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  3. My husband sports the mountain man (which I loath). Then he gets a wild hair up his ass and shaves it back into a goatee (which I adore). In 17 years, I have never EVER seen him without facial hair.

    I can tell you though, when he shaves....he gets laid. I cannot resist a good goatee.

  4. Fizzee - Ah! The porn star eh? Why am I not surprised!

    TBFNA - yes...it is quite spectacular!

    Amber - I too loathe the mountain man...and yes from time to time my husband likes to sport it as well!...I agree...goatee...or nothing.

  5. I threw a tantrum of epic proportions when my husband announced that he was growing some face hair. But luckily he went for a stylish goatee, and it actually looks pretty cute. Plus, I get first dibs on all the bits of food that get caught in it.

  6. The concerned-about-the-rent look:


  7. LMAO @ The Hutterite!
    You may need to elaborate for your readers.
    I didn't know what Hutterites were until I moved to Alberta.
    I saw a couple of the women in a drugstore and I was all..WTF IS THAT?>!? Lets do the timewarp again....

  8. I would grow something just for you and Movember but it's against work rules :( lol. I like mutton chops! I don't know why though.

  9. MonsteRawr - eww!

    Ckrets - hmmm...I may have to give everyone a schooling on the hutterites!

    Tom- How could you!? Mutton chops?

  10. I had a mustache for over 30 years. Decided to shave it off, and have kept it off for 2 years now. When I did have one people thought I looked like Tom Selleck. (I'm pretty sure he wouldn't agree with that though.)