Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Does A Bucket List Have Rules?

Does a bucket list have rules....

I suppose I should start off with informing you as to what a bucket list is.  (Usually I don't but it seems as though I have several followers who aren't from around these here parts and are sometimes confuseled.)
So a bucket list is basically a 'things to do before you die' list.  Theoretically you can put on whatever you want...or so I thought.  But people always seem to put on things like bungee jumping and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro....neither of which is on my list.

The other evening I was out with Viola En Vogue and Magnolia A La Mode and a few other friends.  It was a good evening out.   I probably had too much fun, because I recall saying that Fabio's skinny grey haired doppelganger was hot...but I've been in the midst of a drought, so what is a girl to do?!

When all of the sudden the conversation turned to men and someone making out with an Australian.  Upon which point in time, it was discovered that I was the sole person at the table to NOT have made out with an Australian.

"That's fine, it's on my bucket list."  I replied.

"What's on your bucket list?"  inquired either Viola or Magnolia (let's face it...the details are blurry)

"Making out with an Australian."

"You can't have that kind of stuff on a bucket list!" (Pretty sure that one came from Magnolia)

"Why not, I've thoroughly thought this through."


"Well you see, my freebie...just happens to be Australian, so if that day ever comes, it'll be like a two birds with one stone sort of incident." I reply.

"Really, well does your husband know about this?"  (I only put this in here, because I know all of you secret reading ladies from about town will turn this into gossip if I don't.)

"Yes...he does. He has a freebie too.....but good luck with that."

So...who knew.  Are there really rules for the bucket list? 

 What is on my list?  You know, I'm not sure...I never gave it much thought until this post...so I'll have to work on it.

So far:
1. Make out with an Australian.... (unless of course that's not allowed.)
2. Go to an Oprah show...but I'd settle for Ellen, since Oprah's nearly over...and I missed the 'favorite things' episode, so I'd probably end up with an interview with a serial killer one.  Never mind, I'm taking this one off my list myself.

What's on your list?  Are there rules?


  1. Personally, I don’t think there should be rules. As for my own, I’ve never really thought about that. Ummm . . . I’m intrigued about Australians now though. You’ll have to tell us all what it’s like :)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  2. The top of my bucket list includes stealing either a Canadian Mountee's horse or the Mountee himself. I'd also like to have sex in a lamborghini before I kick the bucket. You say its impossible, I say, gentlemen prefer blondes so this could work out in my favor on both counts.

  3. ooo...stealing a mountie's horse. I have faith that it can be done! and sex in a lamborghini sounds uncomfortable.

  4. Haha I have stupid things on mine too...i've always wanted to throw a drink in someones face dramatically like in the movies haha :) and also drive a car of a jetty into the water and see if i can get out! haha stupid stupid i know, but oh well :)

    Oh and I'm Australian...and not many aussie boys are like Daniel Johns :/ not at all..... haha :)

  5. You've got me thinking deep thoughts here. My bucket list...hmmm... Well, I'd love to go on a Mediterranean cruise. That's a good one, right?

  6. I don't have a list, maybe it's time to make one.

    PS. I'm an Australian. Just thought you might like to know that. :)

  7. I am glad to see you could get over your weeping session with Taylor to make this post. You make me proud.

    Oh, and I have dibs on making out with Fizz. Just so you know.

    My bucket list? Well, right now the only thing on it is getting my laundry done. So, check that one off in about 4 hours.

  8. TBFKA - thanks for the e-mail, luckily I found your post...as for the australian thing, I let you know when I know.

    Bec - ooo...throwing a drink dramatically in someones face...hmmm. actually I can already check that off. :(

    Kelley - Mediterranean cruis is a great one!

    Fizzee - thanks for letting me know that you are indeed an Australian, unfortunately Amber already has dibs.

    Amber - I thoroughly enjoy a little spat once in a while...keeps the blood pumping.
    haha...well then I guess I'll back off.

  9. im curious...
    what are the rules while making one's bucket list?