Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Car By Any Other Name

I'm a visual person.

OK, I'm lying.  When I did that learning test in grade 5 (or somewhere around there) I was a tactile learner. doesn't really matter.  I'm not really talking about learning.

Anyways, what I am trying to say is that when people tell me stuff, I visualize it.  That's right I always end up getting a mental please spare me the details when it's nasty stuff. (I will forever have a mental image the time my friend told me the story of KFC gravy, a dog,'s so bad I can't even continue for fear that I will scar someone else for life.)

So in order for me to get my imagery right, I need you folks to accurately describe things.

If you drive one of the following vehicles you may describe it as a "CAR":
a Camry
a Civic
a Crown Royal...wait a second that's a type of whiskey....a Crown Victoria
or any other non descript car

you have a
Mini (think cooper not van)
anything fancy.
(These cars must be referred to by actual name.)

If you have any sort of van....I don't care. Just call it a "VAN"  that will can throw mini in front of it if you so please.

If you have any sort of truck...just call it a "TRUCK".  I don't care if it's a 1/2 ton, a 3/4 ton, or has an awesome winch on it and a lift package.  I don't care if you got some fancy skull hitch mabob....that's fine but just tell me it's a Truck.  That will do.

Here is where it gets tricky...if you have an can say just SUV, but you can also throw out what it is.  For example .... go ahead, say Escalade, Yukon, Tahoe....I get it.

If you have a MUST use the correct name for it.  You should NEVER refer to it as a car. 
It's not a car, for that matter it definitely isn't a truck don't be calling it a truck.

Let's say for example, you have a BUICK RENDEZVOUS.... (do you feel like I'm yelling at you? I'm not...I should just quit using CAPS...sorry.)
Never (I really mean NEVER...but I don't want to yell) refer to it as "My Buick"....Even if I know you, all of the sudden you'll turn into a denture wearing, depends pads purchasing  person in my mind's eye.
Just call it a Rendezvous...or a cross over, but come on..... call it a Rendezvous... it's fun to say.

"Let's hop in the Rendezvous and we'll go rendezvous with the other rendezvous-ers at the rendezvous destination."

OK...that may have been a bit much.

What do you call your vehicle????


  1. 2007 Saturn Ion 4-door person transporter? Does that work?


  2. I call my car Griff :) Under you criteria though it would just be called a car but it's a Vauxhall Corsa.

  3. I really do like over use of the word rendezvous. It makes me feel a little naughty, like a French spy or something.

    Now that I'm completely off topic, if people ask I usually say I drive a sports car, since most people seem to have no idea what the hell a Scion tC is. But when I am driving her, she is referred to by her name- Helena.

    I have a car obsession thing, its weird but people get used to it. haha

  4. I call my Landrover discovery Dave and my boxster is called Helmut(because it sounds kind of rude). I don't think my wifes car has a name though, I'll enquire and report back with the results.

  5. I call mine Annie, and she’s red.

    That’s really as much as I know.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  6. Well currently I call my truck "Minew" as in My New Truck ;). Once the newness wears off I will name it with a manly name.

    Oh yeah it a 4x4 Dodge 2500 3/4 ton SLT. Or is that too much info.

  7. I call it a truck or I-Miss-Our-Tundra-With-Heated-Seats-but-Don't-Miss-the-Payments-Or-Gas-Guzzling.
    It's a Tacoma and looks like a mini when you're in Ft. McMurray.

    Seriously they make everything bigger there.

  8. Chubby Knubby - no way...that's way to generic!

    Tom - I like Griff...sounds good.

    Kat - I can't have a Rendezvous and not over use the should be illegal.

    Fizzee - hmmm...interesting. Dave and Helmut.

    TBFKA - fitting for a red car.

    Steve - I like the way you think....minew.

    CKRets - I can imagine how small it looks next to all the big trucks. ...but yeah, the gas guzzling sucks.

  9. This is an intersting post because I have an SUV (a Honda Pilot) but I have always referred to it as "my truck".

    Is that wrong?