Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Few Alternatives For FML 2

That's right....

it's that time again.  You know, where you have one of those days and truthfully it's a little like an FML
(F%#@ my life)  but you just despise the term.
And if it sounds like a familiar blog topic...it is you can read FML Alernatives 1 here.

My main complaint is how melodramatic it is...and vague to boot.
9 times out of 10 (who am I kidding...more like 10 out of 10- on my fb anyways) people use it to turn some trivial matter into a big deal...but how am I to know??? Because FML is so vague, I don't even know why you're using it!

I mean, I have no idea if you are having a shitty day because your cat died, in which case, I offer my condolences or if Wal-Mart is temporarily out of Doritos so you failed to pick up your favorite flavor.

You see...FML is just too damn vague. 
I need people to be more specific....and quite honestly, a little less drama would be ok too. (Although, quick sidenote...if you're on my facebook and you the avid FML user...don't quit altogether...it provides me hours of enjoyment especially the FML: I'd like to thank my mother and sister for being complete bitches...I mean really that provided me with a good laugh for the better part of a month...)

and here are a few for the rest of you fml over users.

INMA - I need more attention....Obviously you do...that is why you use fml like it's going out of style (which hopefully it is.)

LAM - Look at me - really just a variation on the above.

and I still stand by the IDS.

Here are few more FML alternatives for the time being...which probably can cover most parental issues and definitely sum up my last few weeks.

PQP - Please quit puking....this one needs no explanation.

INMS - I need more sleep. Yep...I think this one works for pretty much everyone. Usually when you're pissy with the world, you could use a good nap.

NBL - Nothing but Laundry.  What are you doing today? Considering I had a kid up puking and coughing and potty training.  I'll be doing NBL. (That was my Saturday. ....seriously)

MFPECGTH - Mother F%$#ing pink eye can go to hell. Once again...self explanatory...and if I figure out which mom keeps sending their little angel to school with pink eye, I'm going to come unglued.

So there you go...Just in case you are feeling a little adventurous from your regular FML usage...or even if you've never used the acronym...much like myself.

What is your new acronym...and what does it mean?


  1. FWUTGA!!!


    It's got a nice ring to it don't ya think?

  2. I too wish people would stop using FML for every mild inconvenience. The day they transform into a starving Ethiopian is the day they can say FML.

  3. To be honest, I didn’t really know of the existence of FML before I read this. My life is now enriched :)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger


    I don't get paid enough for this shit.

  5. Jillsmo - thanks

    CKrets - I completely agree!

    Iron - It is absolutely ridiculous the shit that people use it for.

    TBFKA - what!? consider yourself lucky..and I apologize in advance for corrupting you!

    MonsteRawr - me neither!