Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Own Jersey Shore...Ugh.

It has come to my attention that Canada is going to have their own "Jersey Shore" spin off. copycats up here needed to have our own version...

It's being called "The Lake Shore" (yeah, us Canadians are also incredibly creative when it comes to naming things)

and quite's embarrassing.

You know when you ASSUME they say that you make an 'ASS out of U and ME'....well in this case, that isn't true...when you only are making an ass of them.

From this little snippet the people of the world are going to assume all sorts of crap about Canadians...
for example:
They'll probably assume
a) people in Canada have bad eyebrows.... (seriously...what is going on with the brows here people?!)
b) We are a country full of racist multiculturalists.... "I hate everybody equally...especially Jewish people...."  nice...really nice.  Where did they find these people? 
c) Everyone is a bunch of cocky sluts....yep...that about sums it up....

Here's my little play by that you really don't have to watch all 8 minutes of that train wreck...but oh...what a train wreck to watch!

Sibel - "If you screw me, your ass is gonna get burned"
- Does that mean that she has chlamydia?!

Tommy Hollywood - AKA...who the fuck has that many AKA's?!?  And note to Tommy...don't do the Screwdriver in's embarrassing.  AKA - Annoying Idiot.

Robyn - "People will look up to me...I'm not a normal human being"  Yeah...look up to you...only because I think you're part Amazon woman...and not a normal human said it, not me.  Yes, I would say it's abnormal for someone to let complete strangers motorboat them.

Karolina - "My strength is loyalty" are aware that after you say that they show snippets of you kissing a dozen people ...right?!

Downtown D - "I'm always downtown...Friday, Saturday, Thursday maybe, Sunday possibly." he aware that there are 7 days in a week?  Probably not...he's too busy doing push ups on a glass balcony to worry about those silly sorts of facts.

That said...I'll probably watch this train wreck...that is if it's actually on a TV channel that I can find...

What are your comments for them?


  1. GTFO.

    Can't watch the video at the moment but I'm also afraid to.
    These people make my blood boil. They're like disease ridden spray tanned fleas who spread ignorance AND GET RICH OFF IT.
    They don't do a damn thing for anyone else but themselves.
    Not that I feel passionately or anything..

  2. I'd rather french kiss a mako shark than watch that.

  3. You've got to be kidding me. I didn't watch the clip since I'm at work, but this just...leaves me speechless. The only shows Canada has to be proud of are Degrassi The Next Gen... you know when Drake was still Jimmy and Being Erica. Oh and Dragons Den is cool too.