Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Word of the Day

Last week I was chit chatting with Wendy-Loo Wallaby Lover when she asked "Do you know what a P.A.N.N.I.S.is?"

"Uh...no...."  I replied.

"Really, you don't know?"

"Nope, do you mean PANINIS?"  I said, because truthfully we were out for lunch and both eating panini's and really only one letter off of the word she had spelled out.

"No, I don't mean Panini, I mean Pannis."

"Wendy, are you trying to be coy and talk about penis'...because we're both grown ups and can discuss that stuff now."

"No, I don't mean penis....I mean Pannis!"

"Oh, well in that case. no.  I still don't know what that is."

"You should write about it...you know in your next blog thingy." Wendy-Loo said.

And that is how today's blog post was born....plus I think Wendy really wanted her own name on here.  (To which she said she didn't want Wendy Wallaby ...so it's now Wendy-Loo Wallaby Lover....and I gave her 3 minutes to change it, but she suggested the girl who told you to write about Pannis....which has absolutely NO PANACHE at all!)

So....onto the word at hand...

I decided that I best google it.....and I should have had Wendy Loo clarify a bit, because whoa....(Joey Lawrence throwback there) ...there are a lot of meanings for the word pannis.

a)An important tribe in Afghanistan lasting to the time of Sikandar Lodi.
b)Pannis is the flab of skin that hangs BELOW the belly button and above the va-j-j. (thanks Urban dictionary!)
c)These are the sad eyed water goddesses that take the dead to the bottom of the water to dwell with them in their crystal castles (WTF?)
d)a severe condition almost only seen in German Shepherds. The disease manifests itself with granulation (fleshy growth) tissue developing on the cornea
e) penis...only spelled incorrectly

Wendy-Loo already ruled out e) that leaves me with 4 to pick from. Since she is a medical professional of sorts, I'm going to take a shot in the dark and guess that she meant b)

Eww...Thanks Wendy-Loo.

Now, this is new information to me....I didn't know that zone had a medical name or that a tummy tuck was Pannis Removal Surgery.  I think I'll still be referring to it as a tummy tuck.  Truthfully I always thought that zone had a different name...one that, well...isn't very nice to say.  So I won't.

OK...who am I kidding.  I thought it was called a gunt....because it was halfway between a gut and a .....well you can figure that out on your own.

Did you know what a pannis was??!? or am I the only one left in the dark....

and by the way Wendy-Loo  a Wallaby and Kangaroo look kind of similar to me....here's my proof.

wallaby source                                                                            kangaroo source


  1. Personally I like the water goddess thing, but I imagine you're probably right. I always called it my 'pooche', but I like 'gunt', too.

  2. I thought that was called a "front butt"

  3. I was *almost afraid to google image that one...but nothing offensive.

    I has a disappoint.

    Oh and right there with you. Never heard of that one! I knew of it as a GUNT.
    Port Alberni Pick-Up Line --> She's got a real nice GUNT.

    You had to be there.

  4. I can now go to bed knowing I learned something new today. ;)

  5. LOL gunt! Ahhh that made me laugh! Nope, I never knew what a pannis was.

    I google-image searched it to make sure - oh how I wish to unsee things!

  6. MonsteRawr - yes, I've heard of pooche

    Jillsmo- front but. hmmmm.

    CKrets - hahaha....nice pick up line! I bet they get all the ladies with that one!

    JPT - glad to help you out

    Tom- ooo...I never google imaged it, but thanks for the heads up.

    TBFKA - hahaha!!! Now that is news.

  7. I have seen a photo of what appears to be a human pannis, and it is not something anyone should ever have to see. Some things cannot be un-seen.