Thursday, November 4, 2010

Odd Girl Out

Sometimes, I just don't fit in here.

I know what you are all thinking...How is that possible?! A girl as stylish (haha) and trendy (even funnier) as you?  You've lived there most of your life?

Well it's true. I don't fit in this time of year....and it has nothing to do with being stylish or trendy.

The other day on the playground I overheard this conversation (and don't be giving me the side eye about eavesdropping, they were yelling across the playground.)

"So, did you get something today?"

Naturally, I assume that something is an order....because around here they are weekly know an order for tupperware, sex toys (if you live around's the best party to get and she's one of my regular peeps on maybe you can talk her into divulging her nickname), or scrapbooking supplies.  Yes, that's what The Real Housewives of Western Canada do.

But no, they weren't talking about sandwich containers, embossing powder, or glow in the dark lubricants.

Here was the answer shouted across the playground

"Yeah, I got myself a nice Whitetail mule-ly"


Here....all I can think about is poor Bambi....
I sulk over to the other side of the playground so that I don't have to hear the  play by play of the murder....or see pictures.

I'm not a hunter...or really outdoorswoman-y (ha...that's putting it mildly),
Yet plenty of the girls around town are...and there are no less than 3 pictures of ladies with their dead deer on my facebook page at any given time during hunting season.  Truthfully, I never know when hunting season is...until the pictures start popping up.

What goes on around where you live that you just can't get on board with?


  1. Too many people at my university listen to grime and rap and all sorts of stupid music like that. And they walk around in tracksuits and big caps.

    And despite living in England, I've only seen about six other people that are actually white British at this university. Talk about not fitting in! (And no I'm not racist).

  2. I don't get the hunting thing either. I live freaking neck deep amongst rednecks and am always appalled by seeing the pictures of them posing with their dead animals.


    I am also not a fan of guns, so that and my dislike of hunting go hand in hand. I am just lucky I married a man who feels the same way I do.


  3. I grew up in Michigan, where most of the school would be absent on the opening of deer season. My best friend had her own gun. I have never touched one, and I have no desire to do so. Go sit out in the woods in the freezing cold without moving or talking? No, thank you.

  4. Honey I could write an entire blog to answer that question right here in the comment box. When I finally get around to doing an "I feel like an alien" post, know that that will be the answer to your question.

    I feel you on the hunting thing. I live in the same town as Amber now, and I'd never seen women hunt like they do here. I have nothing against venison but I couldn't eat anything if I had to kill it myself. Gag.

  5. I've always thought that if you eat meat, you shouldn't be squeamish about killing it.
    I think hunting is way preferable -even for the animals being hunted- to the factory farmed shite we're subjected to by the supermarkets.

  6. Tom - really...there are that few white British people there? I'm surprised!

    Amber - I just don't get the pictures thing either.

    MonsteRawr - I completely agree...hiking back, sitting, not speaking in the freezing cold. not my idea of fun either.

    Mustang Sally - I'll keep my eyes out for that post.

    Fizzee - what drives me nuts is people who shoot them just to take a friggin' picture...

  7. Well, my mind heard something else completely, at first. It had to do with that monthly curse you women often complain about, or in some cases, rejoice over. ;)

  8. haha...sorry JPT :(
    well actually no, I don't think you'll catch me blogging about that...

  9. Like Sally, I could write a whole blog in order to answer your question. I keep telling myself, there's somewhere I’ll fit in :)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  10. I live in Minnesota, which may as well be Canada. We have the same flannel-wearing, rifle-totin', peein' out the back door folk here, too.

  11. The hunting season is here, I guess. Lots of photos sent to phones and email showing the kill. Driving around, you might see deer strung up in a tree. I definitely don't fit in there!! One friend sits in the deer stand with her son, my mother-in-law has her own deer mounted in her new house. Not my thing, so please don't bring another picture to show me.

  12. I feel that like an outsider when it comes to clubbing and/or alcohol and given that tee totallers are in the extreme minority, that really make me an outsider!

  13. i don't mind deer hunting at all, in fact i am so glad that there are deer hunters out there so i don't hunt them on the highway with my car!!