Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thank you...Thank you!

I received an award last week and had meant to post about it yesterday, but due to my raging fury about pink eye and the over usage of FML, I completely forgot!

or as I affectionately refer to her as TBFKA
(mainly because I'm lazy)

So basically now I must sing TBFKA's praises and pass this little gem along.
lalala....she's fabulous....lalala...
(just imagine I'm me, it's better than if you actually had to hear me!)

You should go check her out and see for yourself...

Now, I'll pass this to 4 bloggers who's blogs make me happy.

(no it's not about abusing nuns!)

and my latest  fave

go ahead...check them out!

And in completely unrelated news. 
I feel as though I've stepped into a time warp.  I recently was given a serger (think fancy 4 thread sewing machine.)  I had absolutely no idea how to thread it, since it didn't come with a manual. 
I scoured the Internet and discovered that I could order the PDF instructions for said serger for the low price of $39.99!?
What?!  Well being that I'm cheap, I thought I'd look on Youtube.  Someone somewhere has to have made a video on this....right?!

Well I was right.  It just so happens that in 1984 someone did.

And since I had to watch the thing on repeat for a while, I feel as though I should go out and get my self a perm, a pantsuit...and a poster of Corey Hart.

That's right...I would have been one hot 80's housewife.


  1. I am wrought with emotion!
    I'm flying home to Calgary tonight so I will post this over my days off.

    Thank you!!!

  2. THANK YOU!!!!! I love winning stuff!

    And.... you're hot. I love the yellow complexion. RAAWWWRRRRRR!!!

  3. Everything from the 1980's has a weird other dimension quality assigned to it.

  4. I’m overwhelmed by the song in my honour. Thank you so much :)

    And, well done, finding that video. An educational delight.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  5. Ah!! Thanks girl!! I am so glad I got this becuase today is Friday and I have nothing to post about. I am gonna try to work up a post about this today or tomorrow!!

    You rock girl!!