Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Canada Needs A New Holiday

Canada is technically a relatively new country. maybe that's why....

We have no exciting original holidays.

And yes, I know we have plenty of other holidays...but plenty of other places have Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

I got to thinking last week when all of my UK blogger peeps were talking about Guy Hawkes Day. (Check out the festivities over a Mrs. Midnite if you'd like)

That's right. They have a holiday...one that involves fire and fireworks to commemorate

well, basically a terrorist attack.  Guy Fawkes and his posse wanted to oust the protestant King and put in a Catholic one. 

So why not make it a holiday.  My thoughts exactly!

The Mexicans get Cinqo de Mayo (yet another holiday derived from a battle)
The Chinese have Qing Ming (and another bazillion neat holidays) - OK...it's really not that exciting, but it's a holiday none the less to go and sweep the tombs of their ancestors.

Here in Canada...we don't have any of these holidays.  I suppose it can be argued thatsince we are multicultural there are people in Canada who celebrate these holidays here.

That's not what I'm looking for.  We need our own exciting holiday.  Yet another reason to party, have fireworks, and altogether drink to much alcohol. (or not...if that's not your style)

As you can tell I've been thinking...

a) Snow day - pick a day...and no it can't be "Family Day" because half the provinces don't even get that holiday.  But it can be a whole day centered around fun in the snow.

yes, I know it's ridiculously lame.

We need something more exciting. (and preferably in the hotter months)
and I suppose that technically we should base it on historical significance.  I mean that's what the rest of the countries did.

 Laura Secord Day - She was historically significant....and now she represents a candy store.  We could have a day off and gorge our selves on chocolates.

Brian Mulroney Day - basically you'd get the day off to sit on your ass and accomplish nothing.  oh...and you'd have to get paid for it too.

or maybe

 October Crisis Day - but then again, the rest of us Canadian would rather forget about that. 

So what new National Holiday do you think should Canada have?


  1. See, I really can't comment because I am not Canadian, but I don't care - I will comment anyways....

    You have permission from me to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Us yanks do, so you can too. It involves getting drunk on Tequila and eating lots and lots of Meixcan food.

    Fun for all!!


  2. I thought that about Guy Fawkes night too - We celebrate someone failing to blow something up by... blowing stuff up. I love our British irony.

    If you had a Laura Secord Day - I may consider moving to Canada.

  3. Amber - Well since you gave me permission I only have 6 months to plan my Cinco de Mayo party. Excellent suggestion...it involves both booze and food...2 of my favorite things.

    Tom - I think Guy Fawkes is brilliant! That's the best holiday idea ever!

  4. We don’t actually have the day off work for Guy Fawkes (although it would be a good idea).

    I’ve only ever flown over Canada (en route to California), and even then, only once. So, with my restricted knowledge of your country, may I suggest Maple Leaf Day? Everyone takes two days off and drinks lots of alcohol and eats chocolates non-stop? What do you think?
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  5. TBFKA - I like the way you think...alcohol and chocolate...maybe we should make it a whole week...

  6. All you need for cinco de mayo is tequila, lime, and salt. Trust me...I'm from West Texas. It's an equal opportunity drunkfest!