Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's Your Favorite Color?

I went in to the hardware store to get paint yesterday.
It had a sign that said 'What's your favorite color?"
and then it proceeded to list all the colors and what it meant about you if you liked them.

Orange - You are outgoing, personable, and fun to be around
Red - You are probably physically fit, sexy, and love to please others

Anyways, you get the idea.

I thought, really?!  I highly doubt that.  Why do they always write crap like that.
Probably to make people feel better about themselves. 

Orange - You are weird.  Plain ol' weird.  You march to your own drum, mainly because other people don't like how you play your drum. (but if you like it, who cares?!)
Red - You are an angry person. That is what red means anger... or love.  Well you can be fact you probably are.  And according to our nation health statistics, it is probably quite improbable for you to be physically if you're the odd one out.
Blue - You veer towards depression, but since that is also rather prevalent in today's society, you probably veer towards there no more than someone who likes pink.  You like rainy days, but only if you have an umbrella-ella-ella.  You also like peanut butter...unless of course you are allergic to it.
Purple - you support gay rights...or you're the lady who works with Just Plain Tired and live under a rock and had no idea what purple meant.  Also, you wear too much perfume.
Green - You're earthy.  You probably like camping and bugs.  You fashion clothes out of leaves in your spare time.  You once dreamed of being an entomologist..or a movie star.
Black - You are in a state of either permanently wanting to be viewed as skinny or Gothic.  You probably write with a pen and hate erasers.
White - You love popcorn.  Some people think you are a good dancer, but you aren't (I can't say this for a fact, until I've seen you dance.) 
Yellow - Does anyone ever even pick yellow?!  It makes babies cry more...yellow rooms.  I read that once and I chose to believe it.  So if you like yellow, I'm not sure what that says about you, you make babies cry?! 

Yeah, I'm sure that is probably just as accurate as the other lists you see around. tell, what is your favorite color?!


  1. lmao -- and hey! She does wear too much perfume. The boss is continually complaining to her to tone it down with the perfume. My gawd girl, you nailed it on that one. ;)

  2. So that's why I make clothes out of leaves in my spare time. Now I get it!

    The CRITTER Project and Naked Without a Pen

  3. LMAO!!!!! I guess I'm white since I'm eating popcorn as I type this and I can't dance to save my life.

  4. She's 30 years old. You know who I'm talking about. ;)

  5. My favourite colour is turquoise, so I suppose that puts me smack in the middle of green and blue? Earthy and depressed? haha!