Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cats love Plenty of Fish

With a name like Plenty of Fish, no wonder why it attracts the 'cat people.'

First off....I am a plenty of fish user....although its not what you think. I often like to live vicariously through Marci Maple Sugar....she's always up to something and it usually sounds like fun. So when she was all down about POF, I volunteered to log in as her and find her a man. Marci then informed me, "I'm not too long as he isn't a 'cat man.'" Although it should be self explanatory...I asked anyways. And you bet....a 'cat man' is just that....a man who poses with cats.

...Now I know that many of you are now humming the theme to 'Batman'...the old school one...not the newbie one. That's right ..... na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na....... CAT MAN. And for those of you that weren't thinking that....too late, I bet you are now.

I started to search for guys for Marci and lo and behold....up came a 'catman.' (Yes I know that I am acting as if its one word and it really isn't but writing it as one word lends itself better to the batman theme.)

Unfortunately...its true cat people are out there....and ready to date...

Now I don't want to be too harsh...because, I mean, really I don't mind cats. As a matter of fact I even kind of like them. But jeez Louise.....what exactly do you think you are going to reel in with a pic of you getting some action from a cat? And since you are on a dating website to begin with, I am going to go out on a limb and assume that truly is the most action you've gotten in quite some time.

See for yourself:

Seriously....even the cat is closing his eyes in hopes that his feline friends won't recognize him.

See...ol' snooky here...isn't even looking at the camera....even she's embarrassed.

And here's one more....just for good measure....and to prove that I'm not making this up! Nothing screams 'date me' like a profile pic of your cat on your shoulder.

Now don't get me wrong. I give mad props...(whatever those are) to these guys for even venturing out on a dating takes some guts to put yourself out there like that...especially with a cat.

Here is the thing...if a woman has a cat, more often than not, we throw her into the 'crazy cat lady' column....all I'm suggesting is that we throw the men right on in there with 'em.

Also....if you are a CCP (Crazy Cat Person)....I suggest you try here for a soul mate ...and no its not a dating website...just somewhere you can bond with those who have similar interests/obsessions....cats. Plus if you buy something, they donate money to the Best Friends Animal Society...and who doesn't want to help out animals. :) See contrary to popular belief, I'm not a heartless bitch....all of the time.

(p.s. I do know what mad props are)

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