Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fanny Pack Friday

Remember back in the day when the hippest way to transport a few things was the 'fanny pack.'
Mine was pink....the epitome of class and elegance....I was cut me some slack and I'm pretty sure you probably had one too, so quit hatin'.

So, whilst on my tour for fanny pack related goodness, I came across this awesomeness....

Just when you thought the trend was long over.......Apparently, fanny packs are still rather popular with the 50+ age group. That and fanny packs also have created a niche market for themselves for concealing weapons....see what I mean here.

So that's got me thinking....precisely who uses these gun concealing fanny packs? Is that what they use in 'the hood,' because I can't really see that being taken seriously. (Yes, it sounds odd when I say 'the hood' I know, but what else am I supposed to call it?) Some guy walks up to you and lifts up his shirt to reveal a fanny pack....and then a firearm....really? Do you laugh or run or give him your watch...hmmm. Perhaps fanny packs are this retailers solution to the 'pants on the ground' which case, I'm in full support!

Or are these fanny pack concealers more for the 50+ age group....because trust me, their purse selection sucks....I don't know any self respecting woman who would carry one of these purses around that's under 45.....In fact, check them out, I may have a Grandma who would think they're stylish, but trust..............she ain't packin' heat.

With all this 'hood' slang I fell like I should be listenin' to some rap music, but I wouldn't know where to begin.....besides....the names rappers have is enough chit chat to fill another blog post, so I'll save it for another time.

And then I discovered this, which made me change my mind about fanny packs...........

And before you start thinking that he's concealing a weapon, we all know that Chuck Norris needs no weapons other than his bare hands.

There is no theory of evolution, just a list of creatures that Chuck Norris allows to live. (to read up on more Chuck Norris facts click here)

So on that note, I love fanny packs.

Have a Fabulous Fanny Pack Friday!

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