Thursday, May 20, 2010

Olympic Mascots

Each time the Olympics rolls around a new mascot(s) get unveiled.

China had the Quintuplet bears....which I thought were pretty cute.

Then us Canadians came up with a Sasquatch and whatever those other two animals are. (Seriously....flying squirrel and swirly topped half skunk/half panda perhaps?)

And now London unveiled their new mascots for the upcoming 2012 games. They come with a little back story of how they were created by the last drops of metal while making the Olympic Stadium, but really....they just give me the heebies.

They aren't overly cute. And they seem to be slightly evil looking (I'm picking up an evil doer....plans to take over the world 'bout you?). And really one eye....weren't cyclopses not nice (or correctly cyclopes...but it just doesn't look right). I dunno, but when I think of a cyclops, I don't think of sportsmanship, friendliness, and generosity...I think death, destruction, and Zeus....I'm sure he has something to do with Cyclopes. And the orange and white one looks down right pissed off....and everyone knows to avoid a pissed off cyclops.

Secondly, what I find more disturbing is the blue groin zone on the white and blue one....what is up with that? just draws attention to a zone which should be completely ignored in mascots. And now that I'm checking it out, it looks a little bulge-y....I definitely won't be taking my children around these two.
I am just not feeling these mascots....but thankfully the London Olympics are only a few years away and then tweedle dee and tweedle dum (not their names by the way) will fade into obscurity.....

I mean really, you don't even remember the blue slug that was the Olympic mascot for Atlanta now, do you? neither.
(btw...I don't think he was supposed to a slug. And the creepy one-eyed mascots are named Wenlock and Mandeville.)

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