Monday, May 17, 2010

I love(d) College

Yeah I know that its a song (sort of a lame one at that), but its so true.

I got together with my old roomies and our R.A. (yeah...I'm drawing a complete blank as to what that stands for...resident....somethingorother) from College this past weekend, for a ten year reunion of sorts.

Seriously, I think we all agreed that college was one of the high points of our lives and here were some of the best reasons.....and ones that you just can't really get away with now.

9) We never paid for ever. (and even if you weren't cute, which we totally were, it was like penny (or quarter) jugs....mmm...candy apple penny jugs....actually I tried one a while back, not quite as awesome as I remember.) plus now there is some law about selling liquor that cheap.

8) You could do completely ridiculously stupid things....and people thought it was cool....I may or may not have eaten raw chicken and burnt off all my fingerprints....don't believe me....ask Marci Maple Sugar. (yeah....if I did that now, I think I'd probably be spending some time in either a hospital or a psych ward)

7) Pizza and Kubies were considered an awesome meal. The only time it wasn't so awesome was when Marci turned on the stove with the pizza box from the night before inside....if I had a dollar for every fire she started.....well I think I'd have 5 bucks. Or when that other chick beat up the Kubie guy....Damn I wish I saw that.

6) You could party every night of the week and still only get on Academic Probation(which technically means that you are still in school)....its true. Even on the odd night we stayed home, people would still show up at the door @ 2:00am looking for a party. (Now...if someone even phones after 11:00 I answer with the bitch voice.)

5) Roommates.....Some were crazy, some were awesome, and some invited drug dealers to live on your couch....hey, it happens. (Long story short, drug dealers are incredibly paranoid, and therefor they can be easily manipulated into moving out)

4) You could dance on the speakers at the bar and it was awesome....if I did that now, I'd break a hip, and throw my back out, plus I'd look freakin' ridiculous. Also, it wasn't unusual to know the bouncer and several of the bartenders, and nobody thought you were a loser because you knew this actually made you a priceless friend to have.

3)If you thought small town gossip was bad, college res. is worse....we all knew when 7 sexy vixens was stuck in the neighbor's VHS player.....and he tried to deny it....but too late....the VHS player had already made its rounds. (yes, I realize that nobody even owns a vhs player anymore, but seriously, this would never be as funny with a DVD player.....I mean you wouldn't even be able to read the title if it were a DVD, just one reason to bring back VHS....and 864 reasons not to....but who's counting)

2) You could break into other homes in your cul-de-sac, steal their shit and replace it with cardboard boxes...and nobody was mad....but you had better keep your door locked for the next month...cause payback is a bitch. Try that now....yeah...good luck with not getting a criminal record.

And really....the best reason that college was awesome.......................

1)You could just not go to class for a Mario emergency....I mean really, you can't save on old school nintendo, you just have to keep playing......for days. Quite easily justified then.....try that now, and have a happy time looking for a new job.

ah...then you have to grow up...eventually, or you become one of the people us grown ups talk about.

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