Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yo-yo Master of Disguise

I have as today's blog topic....Proof that anyone can get on TV.
Did you ever have an imaginary talent, that you were hoping would bring you fame? Well, look no further than.....K Strass....yo-yo master....

WOW!.....I can't believe they let him on TV....and then after he failed epically, the interviewer said nothing about it. I also love how he confirms that his web address is zipzapllc.com (which doesn't exist by the way...that's right, I looked it up) when his shirt clearly says ZIM ZAM!

The rap....its clever, alright....just imagine what he could have done with the headpiece, you know, the one he usually has.

I didn't know that you could use muscle memory as an excuse....but look out....I've just added that to my allergy to sweat on why I can't workout.

I can't even keep a straight face....if you thought that was funny...check out a few of his other TV appearances on youtube. Because, yes, more than one TV show has had him on....with the same results every time. Do they not do a little bit of research about someone before they have them on?

K Strass just made my day. And he's got me thinking.....maybe I could take up having an imaginary talent.....perhaps the kazoo....hmmm.

Never mind....this dude has me beat....plus he comes with his own bubble blower.

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