Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Wonderful World of Carnie's

I went out to a carnival this weekend, and got to joking about with the "Carnie's," that they were the best dressed carnie's I'd ever seen. Granted, it was really more of a local fundraiser than a typical transient, not sure if that ride's safe, bad overpriced food, kind of 'carnival.

Don't worry, if you immediately thought of the tilt-a-whirl and miniature ponies pooping everywhere, so did I. (And I'm willing to bet if you weren't thinking about pooping ponies, you are now.)

So I got to thinking about actual carnie's (you know, the ones who do it for a living) and such and am not surprised to learn that they got their own lingo. be slightly disturbing, exactly what else are they hiding from us. But, I'm gonna try and memorize it, so that if I hear a carnie calling another carnie a 'Possum Belly Queen," I'll know that she's either a girl who stowed away with the carnies (really??? that happens?) or a whoo-ra. ( And yes, its a whole lot classier to say whoo-ra that w#o^e... because that's right....I'm classy like that.) Really though, that is the most exciting little tidbit that I learnt.....and it rolls off the tongue nicely too. Plus, I'm sure that there is some lingo that means, "this ride is missing like 4 bolts and nobody cares to fix it, so if you ride on it be prepared to lose a limb."...just as soon as I figure out how they say that, I'll let you know.

Although a bit crass perhaps, let me be the first (non-carnie) to say, that I'm wholeheartedly going to embrace carnie lingo....because seriously...the English language doesn't get much sweeter than this. Its not often that you come across a whole new vernacular of total awesome trashy words.

But before I get mean and comment about the cleanliness of carnie's or something else that my mother wouldn't approve of.....I'm going to leave you with this Carnie thought.

And now I just feel dirty for putting Carnie Wilson in a post about carnie's.

P.S. If you don't know who she is.....really....did you live through the 80's....what's that, well check her out here. (here's the cliff notes for those of you who care ...Daughter of a Beach Boy-Wilson Phillips singer-average size-big-really big- really really big- gastric bypass- thin- playboy-big-celebrity fit club-new diet plan) viola!

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